11 Aloe Vera Hacks to Get You By!

The benefits of aloe vera are known to all. It is easily accessible which is suitable for the current scenario as almost every house would have an aloe vera plant. Here are some tricks and hacks one can do using aloe vera to make life easier.

  1. Remove Dark Circles

For a lot of us, dark circles are an everyday problem. We try to conceal them, use make-up over them but there exists an easy way to lighten your dark circles.

  • Cut out two pieces from an aluminium-foil sheet in the shape of under-eyes and put them in the freezer.
  • Apply aloe vera gel under your eyes.
  • Put the aluminium-foil cut-outs over the gel.
  • Leave for 15 minutes and see the difference.
  1. Prevent Hair Fall

Are you sick and tired of an awful lot of hair fall every time you brush your hair? We have got you covered! Just apply aloe vera on your hairbrush before brushing your hair and see effective results.

  1. Get Rid of Dry Skin

Here is a recipe for a face mask for effective moisturising to get rid of dry skin.

  • Cut some aloe vera and put it in the grinder.
  • Add rose petals and yogurt and mix them together in the grinder.
  • Apply the face mask and see effective result.
  1. Make you own Moisturising Soap

It is very common for soaps to not suit your skin and end up causing rashes. To prevent any of that from happening, here is an easy way to make your own naturally moisturising soap:

  • Cut aloe vera into half and chop it into pieces.
  • Put the aloe vera pieces along with basil in the grinder and mix them.
  • Melt soap base and add aloe vera-basil mix by keeping the soap base in a bowl and keeping the bowl in boiling water.
  • Pour the mix into a mould and wait for the mix to turn to soap and use it to see effective result.
  1. Lose your Belly Fat

A lot of us may not have enough time to work out due to our engagements, but that shouldn’t mean we can’t have a toned body. Here is an easy way to cut down some of that belly fat!

  • Add cucumber, ginger and parsley to your grinder.
  • Add squeezed lemon juice and aloe vera juice to the grinder and blend the ingredients.
  • Drink regularly
  1. Get rid of Dark Spots

We just found out this easy method to get rid of dark spots and it works like magic! All you have to do is mix Colgate (or any other white toothpaste), turmeric and aloe vera gel, and apply the mix over your dark spots.

  1. Remove your Make-up Naturally!

Using cosmetics in itself is like applying chemicals on your face that would damage your skin, so shouldn’t we at least have a natural way to remove the make-up, instead of using more chemicals to remove it? We have got you covered!

  • Add aloe vera, olive oil and water and mix.
  • Dip cotton in the mixture and wipe your make up off!
  1. Get rid of Razor Burns

Apply aloe vera on your razor burns to get rid of them because aloe vera contains high moisture content which is infused with anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Heal Your Wounds

Whether it is razor cuts or scraped skin, we have a way to heal your wounds quicker!

  • Mix Aloe vera gel and Vitamin E together.
  • Apply over the wound as aloe vera promotes rapid healing of wounds.
  1. Get Rid of Dandruff

Here is an easy way to get rid of dandruff!

  • Mix Aloe vera, conditioner, olive oil and coconut oil.
  • Apply it over your scalp and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Wash and dry your hair.
  1. Get Rid of Sunburns

Tired of going outside and coming back home with sunburns? We have got you covered!

  • Blend aloe vera gel in the grinder.
  • Fill it in your ice tray and freeze

Rub the aloe vera ice cubes on the sun burnt area and see effective results.

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