The Youth Entrepreneur’s Program- AIESEC DU

The Youth Entrepreneur’s Program: Delhi Ride


~There’s not a problem that’s large enough that innovation and entrepreneurship cannot solve.~


Therefore recognizing the potential of entrepreneurship, AIESEC in Delhi University is organising the Youth Entrepreneur’s Program: Delhi Ride, a youth oriented interactive forum between six start-up companies and 100 delegates from AIESEC in Delhi University’s student body, on 2nd June. The aim of the forum is to put forth sustainable growth solutions regarding the various hindrances faced by the start-ups so that both; the start ups and the delegation benefits by contriving innovative solutions for the problems. The six start-up companies belong to different sectors of the economy ranging from Marketing to E-Commerce to Hospitality to Social Entrepreneurship to Human Resource and Education.
The mission of the organization is to develop responsible global leaders by providing a self-driven, practical learning experience for peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.
AIESEC in Delhi University is a leading local chapter of AIESEC in the world. The LC has been delivering quality international exchange and leadership experience to young students for almost 31 years now. The aim is to contribute to the creation of leaders for tomorrow who are capable of bringing about a change in the society.

The event is a multi-faceted platform that will cater to the personal growth of a delegate and provide a chance to the start-ups to add value to their products and services by active discussion with the youth, that will be the ultimate consumer of their product in present or in future.

The resultant output will serve the purpose of helping future start-ups to avoid or constructively overcome all the hurdles that they might face.

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