The term feminism was coined by the French philosopher Françoise, in 1974, in the parchment, which was roughly translated in the English language as “feminism or death”; It was talking about how women’s are sharing a special connection with nature and are capable of bringing revolutionary reform in the existing policies and attitude through environmental activism. It also pointed about the conference on women and life on earth, which happened in America, the case of Chipko movement and Bhopal gas peedit mahila udyog sangathan 1984- all of these things forms the cornerstone for this article. Let us understand these aspects of ecofeminism in depth now.

Feminist see a connection between the technology and the war against women plus nature in the same sense that the operation and domination over women and nature was coming from the same ideology of the masculine aggression that is to be labeled against their oppressive tendencies towards women and nature in order to control, regulate and order them according to their own requirements, needs and wishes. It represented the colonized, non-western and the non-white people and nature which were all at same in the hands of the white aggressors and the colonizers, the same colonial mindset, the hegemonic attitude, which is evidently present in their suppressing tendencies.

Spiritual dimension was also present, which was brought out of this hideous facet from this material outlook, where in the nature, nature principle which is considered to be as that just because women’s are very close to nature, they and the nature are sharing one of the most common character characteristic among them, and that is to nurture the things to take care of all the items as well as to be very soft which makes them a product of easy subjugation and subservience. This Proposition was rejected by the feminist. It was even the fact that some of the people said that the spiritualism that is being exhibited by the feminism Ideology and movement is nothing but escapism escapism in the sense that if you will look in the traditional perspective, this will tell you that spiritualism will lead to other worldliness In which you are concerned about emancipation and entertaining liberation by giving up an abandoning on the domestic ways of living and becoming a mendicant;

Some however asserted to the opposite of this thing by pointing to the very fact that the spiritualism that is being exhibited by this feminist postulation is work in present to live in present to fight in present in order to have a better constructive and developed future in which nature and women’s are not considered to be as the play things in the hands of Tyrant men. It was another point which got major attention that the materialism which is present in their spiritualism in the sense that they are taking care of the material, not in the sense that they are attached to the material in the form of preserving the material from being exploited, that is the sort of materialism, the feminist are trying to Highlight in their pitch. It is not the type of materialism, which is comm capitalist nor mechanical Marxist materialism, which points to the fact that they are not believing in mysticism or myth, and there is no absence of human efforts.

It is also been pointed out by various Indo German feminist writers that let’s take the example of India and Chinese tradition where there are meditation and yoga practices which are being popularized for the sake of coming. It instrumental them and they are being presented to dual and board population, which indeed serves a testament for these items being considered as commodities and its intrinsic and important value is being reduced to assets for the chronic capitalists or the masculine force behind it, intent to accumulate prestige, wealth, and fame. This has been beautifully put by Mr. Saral Sarkar, Who says that: “ This is called as the luxury spiritualism, where in the ideals are dicing on the material cake for west’s standards of living”

We come across another essential point here which is about the fact that the patriarchal science and technology developed only after the so-called witches Were murdered and their knowledge, wisdom, and the fact of close relationship with nature have been completely annihilated. The desire to regain, re-discover and relearn. This lost, informational, and epidemic matter, became a way to liberate women and nature from the patriarchal destruction.

It all points towards this fact that the third world women who do not fit for the dichotomies of spirit and matter because this respiration does not simply exist for them as they are working only for the conservation of the world and preventing its commodification. By doing this, they have presented a critique of technological advancements such as IVF, and with this, they have also pointed out how the critique of philosophical dualism in the form of subjective and objective in the form of realism and idealism has been decorated on the lines of the sexist view between man and the other, which are usually considered the women who are deemed to be as Inferior than their respective male counterparts, which is plainly false.

To conclude, these two philosophers are only trying to point this out to this. Very fact that spiritualism should not be commodified or other worldly, this does not mean ecofeminism, it is simply the market cactus eagerly consumed by the industrialized. Capitalism in the north-west ecofeminism is a way of liberating women’s a direction which points towards the progress of nature and preservation of these importance. Life preserving forces by the concept of subsistence perspective which holds its base in fundamental necessity of life, which is equating or life forms on earth and appreciating nature’s potential to nurture and sustain all life.
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Chaitanya Sharma
B.A Philosophy (Hons.) from Hansraj College, University of Delhi


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