Traditional Design-Argument for god

This article is primarily dealing with the concept, which explains the fact pertaining to the proof provided for the existence of the divine mind, which is timeless and ageless. The supreme Almighty is having a persistent existence in this cosmology, which could be efficiently explained by the teleological proof. This article aims to understand the nature scope as well as the characteristics of this teleological argument that is traditionally provided for the proof rendered related to the existence of the omniscient God. Let us understand this concept at length now.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light” – Genesis 1:1-3
Teleological springs from the root word, which is Telos That means end, purpose or ultimate goal. It explains the existence of God with having the necessary presumption in the fact that they believe in the purpose of this cosmological universe and in the design, that is the universe. This particular design has the beautiful architect, the ultimate creator of this watch-like complex as well as an intricate model, which we call and live in the universe. The designer of this design is none other than God. This argument believes in this statement.

This argument is also known as the design argument simply because of this reason that this particular proof for existence of the divine springs from the necessary understanding that this complex interface called the universe, this complex design must have a designer and this designer is none other than but the supreme commander Hereby known as the God. They also believe in the fact that the teleological argument could be further divided into another significant branch, which is called as “Divine qua regularity” and this means that the things within this universe are not possessed with the intelligence to move closer in the direction of having the ultimate purpose, so there must exist a specific thing that is possessing this intelligent to help move these entities of this worldly surroundings closer towards their ultimate purpose this purpose has been served by The intelligent designer, which is the divine mind himself.

It believes in the idea that which finds its roots in the allegory of watch by William Paley: by this, he wanted to explain that just the way if he will have a larger picture of the watch, we will understand that this particular time telling machine is determining the specific time period with three dials. But if he will have a closer microscopic understanding and a conceptual and fragmented analysis of the bits and pieces of this particular watch, we can see how delicate, intricate and complex it is. These entities are with every small nail- With every tiny piece- with every little entity; this watch functions perfectly in order to perform its ultimate end, which is telling the time.

But how is this possible ? It can only be possible if we have a brilliant craftsman, a skilled artisan, and a street smart experienced watchmaker, who knows how to pull strings in the systematized manner in order to build this complex network of dials Which perfectly works To perform its end goal. Similar to this example, we have the case of this whole universe, where we are having every complex organism who is exchanging errands with other species- we have a very specific design particular tone as well as a very determined mechanism. How are all these things possible- How is this complex interface of human experiences, Of the interaction of thousands of species as well as of the intermingling of numerous entities Within this whole universe seems to be possible?

The answer to this particular question is very subtle. It needs a brilliant craftsman, just like the watchmaker, but in this case, the watchmaker is none other than the Almighty. The God, which is considered to be as the divine mind, the ultimate creator of this universe of the species, as well as the one who maintains the moral relationship with mankind. Plato, Aristotle and Moore from the western side of philosophical spectrum and Nyay, yoga, Advait from Indian side of philosophical thesis support this argument to prove the existence of god.
From sacred Indian thought, we get the classic reference wherein the God himself speaks these words in his own tenor. From the ultimate gospel of truth in the Hindu religious text called as the Vishnusahasrnama:
Parithrayana Sadhunam Vinasaya Cha Dushkritham,
Dharma Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge-Yuge.
It is evidently understandable from the Aforementioned lines that the God himself declares that he is the ultimate creator preserver generator as well as the one who is sustaining this whole cosmological pressure and the universe within himself. It is by his grace and Stewart craftsmanship that we are having the ultimate design which is called the world.

Many have raised bitter criticisms against this argument by asserting that this flawed argument cannot be true since there is no scope of life in the other planets of our solar system. Some have questioned the fact that how can god create evils such as in the case of numerous earthquakes, tsunamis and quakes that decimate the human population? Kant answers this perfectly by stating: “Although this argument is explaining about the existence of god from phenomenal world and tells nothing regarding the status of existence from noumenal world, yet, this argument needs to placed forth for being disseminated primarily because of the reason for it is most accorded with the common reason of the mankind.”


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