Top 5 things to do before you graduate

College gives you innumerous reasons to cherish this particular phase for your entire life. This is the time when you have already become young adult and are furious to try everything. You are care free, no boundaries because you yourself define your horizon. So if you have just started off with this journey or at a urge of completing it, you have to try these things before you bid adieu to your college.

1. Go for a solo trip with unknown people:

Yes, we often plan out of station trips with our friends but before you graduate, go on a solo trip with people you don’t know. They may be from different college and indeed you would return home with new friends and a lot of unforgettable memories that you will cherish lifelong.

2. Plan a night out with your friends:

Don’t you want to see a night life? While you are still in college make sure you plan and see night life in your city not only with your friends but also with your classmates you haven’t talked with. You can also stay at your friend’s home or accompany him/her when home alone. It is always fun to have slumber parties.

3. Have a hippy day:

While planning for your night fun, do not refrain yourself from all that enjoyment that can only be done during day time, like exploring the unexplored parts of your city. Just decide a date and travel like a hippy with your gang!

4. Participate in student protest:

Your university life is just incomplete if you haven’t gone for the students protest. These will add on to a lot of memories and experience of which you can brag about to your kinds and grandchildren. Wouldn’t it be exciting to chain yourself with an angry crowd demanding something? This would be your last chance of being an angry student.

5. Contest in student union elections:

Who does not enjoy power? Student elections give you a fair chance to become popular in your college. Don’t you want to get recognized in your college? So, just fill in the form and get yourself enrolled in this year’s union elections of your college and who knows if you win, you can experience a whole set of responsibilities with popularity!

Kritika Sharma | Content Writer | DU Times
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