To The Brighter Side

This lockdown can be straining for our brain as well as our body. It is indeed a very complex and difficult time. However one should not always focus on the negative side but also to the brighter side of the story. The constant bombardment of news can sometimes result to a lot of panic but one should always remember that this is just a phase and like rest of the dark times, this shall pass too. It might get hard as humans are not familiar with the term “isolation” but if one manages to organize his time he can take the full advantage of the current situation. We all wait for second chances so here it is in front of our eyes we just need the right perspective. This is the perfect time to let your insecurities and flaws out and to unsheathe the artist within you.

Don’t forget that its just a pandemic and not a productivity contest, you do not have to prove your skills and abilities to anyone. It’s time for you to reminisce the moments that you have lived happily and prepare yourself for the future challenges. You can follow simple steps to keep your mental health in check for example like making a TO-DO list as striking things out at the end of the day is really therapeutic.

sometimes it might feel as if it is the end of the world but despite all the panic and terror we cannot ignore the fact that the earth is healing, from people holding on to each other by singing in their balconies or applauding in solidarity with the medical fraternity we all have a long way.

So stay home and focus on the good and live every moment to the fullest while the mother earth is on a break.