The power of self motivation

We all know how that in tough times, motivation is the fuel that drives us to the finish line. But often, we look for this motivation from outside sources. Because we are ignoring the power of self motivation.

SELF MOTIVATION means to gear up oneself on our own whenever feeling low. It does not involve any help from any friend, family member or psychiatrist. 





Only a person knows what’s going in his mind and when is he feeling low. Therefore, he also knows what can make him happy when he is sad.A close friend or family member can just make out an idea of what can be done to bring a smile on the person’s face. But they do not actually know what might be the reason for sadness or what can be done to make the person happy and motivated. That’s why they say that self motivation is important.Whenever you feel demotivated, you can cheer yourself by reciting words like : I CAN DO IT.


If we are a person who always needs someone’s guidance to move ahead, we might loose a lot of opportunities that we cross paths with on a daily basis. On the other hand, if we are a self motivated person, we will always have the decision making power in our hand and will never give up on any opportunity.


We generally do not achieve our goals in the first go and even if we do, it takes a lot of hardwork to reach that goal. We might face a lot of rejections and failures in the journey. But to reach to the goal, we need to be consistent. And being self motivated keeps us consistent and we work harder to achieve our goals. If we do not boost ourselves, we will get lost in the journey towards the goal itself. 


No risk, no gain. If we are self motivated, we will never think twice before taking up risks. The bigger is the risk, the bigger is the result. Therefore, it’s important that we keep boosting our innerself to make our mind prepared for the risks. Risks are involved at every step in our life and we cannot do away with it. The only solution to face them with valour is constant self appreciation and self motivation.


Only a self motivated person can be open to corrections in life. Because if he/she will be poinyed out, their motivation will not let them be upset for that. We all do mistakes but often do not have the courage to accept them and work on them. If we know how to boost ourselves, we will never run away or avoid making mistakes and then being corrected for them. This is the process all of us follow in our lives- make mistakes, accept them and then correct them. Also not repeat them any further. 


We all by this time know that self motivation is important. But how do we be self motivated? How can we convert our negative energies to positive energies is the main question. 

Listed below are a few steps that can make us a self motivated person and can also help us remain motivated at maximum times. 


The law of attraction of the universe works in multiples. Whenever we think something positive, we release positive energies into the universe that muliply and come back to us. Positivity is the first key to self motivation and therefore, even before becoming motivated, we need to become positive.


All of us must have observed this in life that whenever we are appreciated or rewarded for our efforts, we feel being on cloud nine. A sudden string of motivation hits us on the spot. But, we cannot wait for others to appreciate us everytime we are feeling low. Therefore, we need to build up a habit of appreciating our own self whenever we do something. Even if that’s an ordinary task like cleaning the house. That might sound weird but it actually works and will boost us to work like that the entire day. And at the end of the day, we will ind ourselves full of positivity and motivation to work harder the next day.


A lot of demotivation flows into us when we start comparing ourselves with others and find that the other person is up to the mark but not us. Why do we have to be the best all the time? Our purpose on this earth is not to defeat the person standing in front of us. Rather it is to defeat our own self which says that I CANNOT DO THIS. All of us are unique and we live in different situations. Therefore it is completely baseless to compare when there are no similar grounds. The only comparison possible is with our own self where there is complete uniformity and similar grounds. 

Therefore, let’s pledge to stop comparing ourselves from others and we would feel a lot of positive change once that happens. 


I hope all my points help the readers to make a progress in their own lives using only their own efforts. A little bit of practice of the above listed steps daily and we will be the happiest person ever! 

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Vidhi Jain is an enthusiastic writer who never drops a chance to write. Self contentment and calmness are her strengths which always motivate her to leave no stone unturned in her work. She presently is doing her graduation from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.


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