Still Reckoning The Bits….!

India, as we all know attained it’s Independence in 1947. And since then, we have come a far way. From the Five Year Plan policy to these GST Bills, but now let us have a glance at the impact these have put on our economy.

There is much that we have gained from metros, to the unlimited calling services by Telecom companies. Many sectors have improved alot, but the question is-“On_What_Cost?”
Several famous leaders have run the economy since and have tried giving their best but “Are we not moving with an Illusionistic Positivity?” The facts and figures show us that 7.5₹=1 dollar during 1966 and today it has devaluated to reach 68.5₹(approx.) which according to the current report on Wednesday became 66(approx.). Yes, many arguments can be presented for and against this like the country has gone through many unexpected losses but after all these figures are the truths n something that we need to look over.
Instead of acknowledging the notion that India has risen by some rupees,due to the sales of fresh currency by American banks on Wednesday, what we should do is to look over the overall picture and critically analyse the situation.No government or policies are to be blamed for this, first we should adjust our own spectacles and lenses, and remove the illusionary haze, then the wider picture shall change!
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