Hard Earned Money or Dad’s Money?

In today’s world there are millions of opportunities all around. One just needs a skill and further he can earn a living through that skill and hard work. All that matters in life is hard work. Money earned by working hard is the most precious money ever. Hard earned money always gives you growth, easy money stunts growth. Wrongfully earned money will always hurt you sometime in life. Don’t count the notes, all that matters is dedication, loyalty and hard work. The money earned by working hard let’s you earn value and respect which cannot be measured in terms of money any day.
There are people who are owners of big firms and to continue those firms they appoint their children as future owners, which is absolutely incorrect. Generally, the children belonging to such families become dependent on what they have already inherited. This makes the children very irresponsible and care-less about the value of the hardly earned money by their parents. These type of children become so dependant that they don’t even study properly as they have it in their minds that no matter what they will end up owning the already running business of their families. Once this thought nests in their minds they no more value hard work. There are people who belong to very big and rich empires but still want to start something of their own, from the scratch.
In our society, people always ask about qualifications and the work we do which is in any case our basic identity. The moment people hear anyone saying that he/she is working for their family business, people start to assume that one is not well – qualified and has just been served an already set up business. In society, people have always trusted and believed on already established things be it business or anything else. Already established businesses allow their future owners to learn many things from an early age and if they keenly learn these things they can make the efforts and work towards making the business bigger and better in future. There are all kinds of people in society but it all depends on who really “wants” to work and who wants to just sit and continue with what one already has, established by parents. Along with hard work it is important to keep peace in your mind and to be modest always. Just being successful is not enough if you are not modest, cooperative and kind. The people who start from scratch are respected more than the ones who get it served. Respect is only earned when one works. If we take examples of the Ambanis, Adanis, TATA etc. the respect their original owners have is much more than the present owners because people know who started the business and then made it big. The original owners are treated as inspiration, icons and idols for people who start from the scratch.
No matter how much money you make in your life, the only thing that matters the most is the hard work you did and the respect you earned in its return. Respect is earned by hard work and it is maintained by modesty. Nobody is going to take the money they earn to heaven, but the only thing left in the end with you will be the respect you earned in your life and respect is earned by sole hard work and must be maintained through modesty throughout life.

By Antra Sinha,
Writer – DU Times

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