One day Delhi tour : Restaurants and Places

The city of a million dreams, lost empires, unrevealed mysteries, uncountable unspoken travel experiences. Welcome to Delhi-the national capital of the country, known for its historical monuments, but is equally beautiful if you see the underrated places in the city. This place makes you fall in love at first sight and is indeed ‘Dilwaalo ki Dilli’.

Just in case you’re planning to take a tour of Delhi in a day, here are the places that you should definitely visit to see the best of the city.

1. Raahgiri, Connaught Place
Timing: 6am to 10am
Where: Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

For one day, sacrifice that 9am Sunday sleep of yours and go to Raahgiri. I guarantee you won’t regret it. The moment you step out of the metro station, the scene there will leave you jaw dropped. People, hundreds in number, of all age groups, from a 3 year old to an 80 year young, flock to the heart of the city on Sunday mornings. You’ll see people jogging around, some conducting yoga and aerobics classes, singing and dancing competitions going on the other side. The roads are barricaded to prevent traffic. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be surprised by a celebrity performance too. You’ll forever cherish this experience of seeing the city that never stops take a pause and celebrate life.

2. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
Where: Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

Get down at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station and take exit from gate no. 6. You may either take an auto or even go walking to Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. Each and every small thing here will make you love this place even more. After submitting your footwear and cleaning your hands, you need to step into a small water passage, constantly pouring water into the channel for cleaning the feet. Step inside the main hall and the whole structure overwhelms you with the spirituality, with ‘Ardaas and ‘Raags’ being sung continuously. You come out of the main hall and get to witness a mesmerizing sight in front of you: Sarovar, an important part of every Gurudwara. Sitting beside the sarovar gives you inner peace. Also, do visit the langar hall and try to have the food. Or at least, assist the people in the kitchen in cooking or serving the food. It feels great!

3. Chandini Chowk,Purani Dilli
Where: Chandini Chowk Metro Station

Chandini Chowk offers you the best street food in the city. From Parantha to Veg Thali; Indian street food to Royal non-veg dishes; Chandini Chowk has so much to excite your taste buds with places like Paranthewali gali and Kake Di Hatti, which offer the tastiest food at the most reasonable rates in the city. You may even go shopping here and bargain for the best deals. According to me, Chandini Chowk is a delightful place to shop because you get stuff here at such affordable rates and then, when you’re tired after shopping, treat yourself with the spicy indian street food and go home with both a stomach and a heart full of satisfaction.

4. Dilli Haat, INA/ Janak Puri
Timing: 10am to 10pmWhere: INA Metro Station/ Janak Puri East Metro Station

Looking for a place where you can get cultural and artistic stuffs, to give a total makeover to your home and your wardrobe? Dilli Haat is the place for you. It’s an open-air food plaza and craft bazaar, opposite INA market. This place is basically a blend of crafts, music, dance and cultural festivals. The first Indian Comic Convention, Comic Con Festival, was held here in 2011. In its exhibition hall, there is a display of various shows promoting Indian handicrafts and handlooms. A perfect example of the concept of ‘Make in India’.

5. Satya Niketan
Where: AIIMSMetro Station

Regarded as “Heaven”by the South Campus students, Satya has a lot to offer to everyone who goes there. Be it food, clothes, accessories, footwear, salons and bars. You get cheap, mouthwatering dishes to eat at places like Chowrangee,Woodbox Café, Big Yellow Door and the local stalls found there on the roads. It’s a place basically meant for the youngsters. This place gives the much needed escapade from studies and monotony.

6. India Gate
Where: Central Secretariat Metro Station

I know this is the first place on most of the people’s lists. But trust me, its real beauty is evident at night. You don’t need to shed your sweat and get tired in the steaming sun for this place. Take a walk at Rajpath at night, when there’s gentle cold breeze blowing over the place. And there stands this epitome of victory and courage, under the spotlight, and gives you a splendid experience of the day. There can’t be a better way to end your day.

7. Kunzum Café, Hauz Khas
Where: Hauz Khas Metro Station

If you are a person who loves travelling and exploring places, or even if you like hearing travelling experiences, you’ll surely love Kunzum Café. Here, different travelers come and share their experiences with others, over a cup of coffee. The ambience of the place is very much engaging. You’ll see people talking to each other, singing songs, reading books and buying something from the art gallery there. You know what’s the best part? You can pay for these services according to your choice,whatever you like to pay(except for the art gallery).This will be a totally different experience for you and will inspire the traveller in you.

By, Shreya Srivastava, Writer – DU Times

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