Lesser Known Facts about Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is the only God out of all Hindu Gods and Goddesses with the most humane characteristics. This is the reason he is the most loved and relatable god. The entire country is celebrating the festival Janmashtami with great joy. The festival is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

He was so loved because of his compassionate nature that he was also called ‘Mohan’ and ‘Manohar’. There are infinite numbers of things that we still don’t know about Lord Krishna. Here is a list of some lesser known facts about him:

  1. Lord Krishna has 108 names

108 is a very sacred number in Hinduism because like Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna also has 108 names. Some of his famous names are, Gopal, Govind, Girdhari, Banke Bihari and lots more.


  1. Radha’s existence is controversial

According to various spiritualists the name of Radha is not mentioned in any of the ancient texts of Hinduism. Radha’s name is always a part of folklore and hence became a part of bhajans and devotional songs. But Lord Krishna’s wife Rukumuni and Satyabhama are mentioned in scriptures.


  1. Lord Krishna died because of Gandhari’s Curse

After the death of Gandhari’s sons when Lord Krishna went to Gandhari to offer his condolences to her she cursed him that he along with his Yadu Dynasty will perish in 36 years. Lord Krishna accepted her curse.


  1. Krishna was dark in colour

Lord Krishna was called Shyam or Ghanshyam because of his dark colour. His dark complexion is often depicted by the colour blue.


  1. Lord Krishna was related to Pandavas

Lord Krishna was related to Pandavas thorugh their mother Kunti’s side. Kunti was Vasudev’s sister. Hence, Lord Krishna was Pandavas’ cousin.

This beloved god’s birthday is celebrated as Janmashtami with pomp and joy. People fast on this day and next day is celebrated as Dahi Handi in some parts of the country.

Sushmita Panda- DU Times

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