Internship = AVATAR World

How amazing would it be to visit a new world? Unexplored and adventurous. A world like the one in James Cameron’s movie AVATAR. With tall blue people who bond with animals and fly on dragons. As sad as its non-existence makes us, I realised that International Internships are just the same.

Each new country, new city is an uncharted, unexplored world.

  1. Wonder– When Jake Sully first sees the land of the Na’vi, he is filled with a sense of wonder. Something that you can easily experience in a foreign country.
  2. Discovery– An internship brings out skills possessed by you that you might not be aware of like working well under pressure. Out in Pandora, Jake discovered new facets of himself like his leadership potential.
  3. Appreciation– Each country is unique and possesses a diverse culture whose appreciation truly makes you a global citizen. Going out and assimilating in the Na’vi culture made Jake appreciate their cultural and social nuances. He appreciated their close bond with nature, their peaceful demeanor and their strength.avatar
  4. Growth-The more experiences one hoards, the more they grow. Learning new things in new environments gives you different perspectives and encourages free thinking. Jake initially went with a capitalist view but after interacting closely with the Na’vi he realised the importance of people and stopped their exploitation.
  5. Propagation of Peace– The root cause of most wars is prejudice and lack of mutual understanding. The more people go for international internships, the more the chances of spreading peace. When Jake learnt more about Pandora’s people, he realised how similar they were to humans. Thus, he tried to propagate peace amongst the two waring species.
  6. – Each country that you will visit, work in and interact with, will become like a home. Though Jake was resented initially, his willingness to learn made people accept him and he created a home for himself at Pandora.

So, every time the urge to visit fantastical worlds hits you, remember that your own world has so much to offer.

The ability to view the world from different and new perspectives is an asset, the most important asset one can have. One should always be open to new ideas and ready to do the impossible.

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