How Do I Know My Delhi University Enrollment Number?

Your Delhi University (DU) enrollment number is a crucial identifier for all administrative and academic purposes. This guide provides you with multiple methods to find your DU enrollment number quickly and easily.

How Do I Know My Delhi University Enrollment Number?

What is the Delhi University Enrollment Number?

The DU enrollment number is a unique code assigned to every student during admission. It typically contains:

  • Admission year
  • College abbreviation
  • Course abbreviation
  • Serial number

For example: 2023LSCS12345

This number remains unchanged throughout your academic program at DU.

Difference Between DU Enrollment Number and College Roll Number

The college roll number is only valid within that college.

The DU enrollment number is universal across all colleges of Delhi University. It remains constant even if you transfer between DU colleges.

Ways to Obtain Your DU Enrollment Number

There are several ways to find your DU enrollment number:

1. DU Admission Portal

  • Visit the “Enrollment Management System” of Delhi University website:
  • Click on “Enrollment Management System”
  • Log in using your admission credentials i.e username and password
  • Your DU enrollment number will be mentioned there

2. College Identity Card

  • Many DU colleges mention the DU enrollment number on the student ID card
  • Check your college ID card to see if your enrollment number is printed on it

3. Contact College Administration

  • Every DU college has your enrollment number records
  • Reach out to your college admin office for assistance

4. Marksheets/Transcripts

  • Your marksheets and transcripts from DU will have your enrollment number on them
  • Refer to any previous semester marksheet to find your enrollment number

5. Exam Roll Number Slip

  • The exam roll number slip issued by DU will also have your enrollment number
  • Check it to find your unique DU enrollment number

Locating the Digits

The DU enrollment number on records is grouped as:

  • First 4 digits – Admission year
  • Next 3 digits – College code
  • Next 1 digit – Course code
  • Remaining digits – Unique serial number

So in 2023LSCS12345:

  • 2023 – Admission year
  • LSC – College code
  • S – Course code
  • 12345 – Unique serial number


Your DU enrollment number enables access to all academic services and records. This guide summarizes the best methods to obtain it easily, like visiting the Enrollment Management System, ID card, marksheets, contacting college admin, etc. Know the format of the number to locate it on records correctly. Use this guide to find your important DU enrollment number without hassles!

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