Government Schools Teachers Association Demands For Declaring 2019-20 Session as Zero Academic Year

The news of schools reopening in the capital city have made parents worry some. While Covid-19 cases are rising everyday, this news have made parents worried. Hence, the Government School Teachers Association has asked to declare the 2019-20 session as no academic session. Keeping in mind the increasing cases of coronavirus in Delhi, the association has demanded for declaring this session as zero academic year.

Government Schools Teachers Association demands decaration of 2019-20 session as zero academic year
Source: TimesofIndia

Further, the association also made a statement saying that that the state government itself declared that cases will now increase; hence, the case of reopening the schools should remain close as of now.

Ajayveer Yadav, the General Secretary of Government School Teachers Association, also spoke regarding concerns for the safety of students. He further, brought the incident of Israel into the light. Israel reopened schools which led to spread of the virus among the students. He also made a statement regarding the health of the Chief Minister (CM) of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, who himself is showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Mr. Ajayveer Yadav went ahead to say the records of teachers, mentioning that more than 100 of them are patients of the virus as yet, while four (4) of them have already lost their battles. Hence, he recommends to not open schools until situation get better.

Parents Worry About Reopening of Schools 

Moreover, the parents of these students are tensed too after hearing this news. Along with the teachers’ associations, various parents’ associations too are demanding for declaring this academic session as zero academic year. Further, they want the schools to remain close until the spread of virus doesn’t slow down in the capital city of the country.

Parents of various students expressed their anxiety regarding the same issue. Further telling, that they won’t give allowance to their children to attend schools even if the delhi government opens them.

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