Artificial Intelligence in Business: From Science-Fiction to Reality

Artificial Intelligence in Business: From Science-Fiction to Reality

In recent times, we have heard the term ”artificial intelligence.”AI has navigated and found its comfortable place among humans. Effective usage will lend a helping hand, reduce time, and break down complex tasks easily without human intervention.

Learning AI tools will keep the person updated, allow them to enjoy the full benefits of AI, and make the individual smart. We might hear technical terms such as machine learning, big data, natural language processing(NLP), internet of things(IoT), blockchain, cloud computing, edge computing, artificial general intelligence, cybersecurity, quantum computing and more.

These technologies support businesses as well as the general people. Artificial intelligence creates different opinions from a diverse range of people. Let’s discuss the optimistic view of AI in business.

Automating the Repetitive tasks:

Automation drastically reduces human interruption. In business or any other field, some tasks have to be repeated, and these are taken care of by automated software. It’s an efficient and effective way to get things done with minimal effort and attention.

Back in history, during the initial stage of the Industrial Revolution, people started using machines to speed up tasks and wanted to complete them quickly. This is when the concept of automation started blooming, and they didn’t recognize it as automation. Today we use numerous automation tools, some of which are listed below:

  • GPT-3(generative pre-trained Transformer 3) understands the reading and writing patterns of normal people. Using this smart tool, people can write articles, blog posts, essays and, more by, feeding appropriate prompts.
  • UI Path helps automate office work like data entry, processing documents, and automating the work without human assistance. By using the software, one can feel the presence of a robot that follows the instructions provided by the human.
  • BluePrism is automation software that helps businesses automate repetitive tasks. This involves virtual robots that imitate human actions such as typing, clicking and more. By leaving these simple tasks to this software, one can shift the focus to the matters that need human concern.
  • Zapier: Zapier reduces human intervention by connecting various applications. It aids in merging the data from different applications and provides timely reminders.

AI-Powered Data Analysis and Insights:

Artificial intelligence is capable of storing a large number of customer data to provide deep understanding. Humans can remember only a limited amount of information regarding customers. Making use of artificial intelligence in storing and retaining data will provide a necessary help to organisations. Additionally, this software is used to track customer’s behaviour and patterns.

  • Google Analytics: This helps in analyzing website traffic, user behaviour, and marketing performance.
  • Microsoft Power BI: It’s a business analytics software that helps in creating dashboards and reports from diverse sources. Besides, it offers the data in the charts and maps to enhance understanding.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Personalized Experience with AI

Individuals might have experienced this while using AI-powered applications like Netflix or anything similar. They see the content that they are interested in watching. This happens because artificial intelligence stores the data of the users and customizes the information according to the person.

This improves customer satisfaction and also aids in marketing. AI algorithms analyze user behaviour and preferences to customize product recommendations, promotions and website content for each customer.

  • Salesforce Customer Software 360: This is a customer relationship software(CRM) that involves artificial intelligence and machine learning to hold customer data.
  • Customer data platform: This helps to gather all the information across various social media platforms and websites. Assimilating every piece of data will give a detailed understanding of the customer’s preferences. This aids in providing personalized experiences to customers.
  • Predictive Analytics Tools: This software records the past behaviour, preferences, likes, and dislikes of the customer. Moreover, it helps to anticipate needs and offer suggestions or promotions that they are likely to be interested in.

Optimizing Strategies: The Role of Maintenance in Business Success:

Certain fields need more predictions and precautions. More importantly, predictions that are based on facts are more accurate. This software is used in airlines to predict engine failure, schedule maintenance before a breakdown occurs, and ensure safety.

  • IBM Maximo Asset Monitor: This incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and predicts failures, analyzes equipment data and adjusts maintenance schedules. Besides, it sends real-time alerts and notifications.
  • SAP Predictive and Maintenance and Service: This software encompasses the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to monitor equipment health, possible failure and maintenance optimization.
  • Oracle Predictive and Maintenance Service Cloud: Predictive analytics, asset health monitoring, and maintenance optimization are the key features of this software. Additionally, it offers cloud-based maintenance solutions.

Fraud Detection:

Artificial intelligence is extensively used in fraud detection by banks and financial institutions. This analyzes transaction patterns and detects suspicious transactions that could indicate fraud. This acts like a smart guard that banks and businesses use to protect themselves and their customers from fraudsters.

Moreover, it warns the team by raising an alarm when the software is threatened. Actimize Fraud Detection software and FICO Falcon Fraud Manager are some of the software programs that help improve security in the banking and financial sectors.

Chatbots to serve customers and increase support:

Chatbot has navigated all businesses to provide full-time support to customers. Instead of waiting for a long time to get assistance, chatbots support customers in clearing all their queries.

This acts like a knowledgeable friend available 24/7 to answer questions, solve problems, and offer information. This simplifies communication and reduces wait times for customers.

  • Zendesk Chatbot: This offers customer support by providing automated responses and aiding in resolving customer queries.
  • Intercom chatbot: This is a helpful assistant available on the website or application to chat with customers. This provides information about the product and the services and answers common questions.

Language Processing Software: Empowering Communication

Language processing software also known as natural language processing is designed to understand and, generate human language which computers can understand. This is a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms which derive meaning from text or speech.

  • Google Cloud Natural Language: This offers features like sentimental analysis, syntax analysis and entity recognition. Businesses use language processing software to get feedback from customers, categorizing content and developing chatbots.
  • Microsoft Azure Text Analytics: Azure holds cloud computing services which reduces the need to get physical servers. Additionally, it helps to recognize languages and understand phrases.

Artificial Intelligence is a transformative tool for business. AI helps to make decisions based on facts and records, which will improve accuracy and provide a better understanding to make better decisions in critical time. This is a wonderful use of AI in Business as it has various areas that require proper facts to make a decision.

Apart from this, AI reduces the time and effort in completing repetitive tasks. As time evolves the benefits of AI will also increase matching the advancement in technology. With its numerous opportunities for advancement and success, AI has become an essential aspect of modern business strategy.


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