Excessive Social Media : A Deep-Seated Manipulation

Appreciation and acceptance are two basic aspects that govern our consciousness in multiple ways. However, with our growing time investments on social media, these two aspects have translated themselves into an epidemic named, ‘VALIDATION’.

We consistently seek validation for who we are, what we believe in, how we look, and how happy can we be, because of the continuous need to be present on the trending modes, through filters, and gaining the necessary ‘gram’, and the insightful ‘book’.

Seeking is the ultimate answer that keeps the instincts alive to be able to encapsulate the hidden meanings, and evolve through the odds.

Social media I believe as a whole has limited the process, where while your loved ones walk beside you, you seek the unknown as an individual.

1) Funnily enough, the challenge isn’t any more to learn to operate a technology but to spend a total of an hour sitting under a tree, looking into the nothingness through the sky.

And it isn’t because the times have changed, but because our souls have become restless. The restlessness isn’t about exploring, but ‘updating’, not about ‘loving’, but ‘pressing the like buttons’, not about ‘debating’, but about ‘judging’, not about ‘living’, but ‘qualifying’…

2) What was set to simplify, has taken over the simplicity of breathing.

Sure, technology has eased almost every horizon of our lives. But, if you look closely, haven’t we in the process of using it, instead of getting independent of the physical tiresome help, have become dependent on the technology itself?

I remember someone muttering once to me, “One of the biggest challenges about living in Andaman is no access to Facebook or Instagram.”

3) Talking of the law, and order, prisons, surveillance, cultural boundaries, and norms, take us to diverse layers of being operated to varied tunes. While, all these play a vital role in keeping the basic morality, human values, and a sense of union alive when crossing the limits, by deciding every step that we take in our personal lives, start impeding our personal development.

Being killed for conducting an inter-caste marriage is one of the vicious acts that prevail through these institutes transcending the limits.

Similarly, social media, which was set out to get loved ones from all across the world together, for them to create, has now become a weapon that enables us to stand recognized.

4) While the opinions, flak, criticisms, perspectives, and interpretations inspire to learn, get better at, and flourish, social media has made us all believe that we are entitled to tell anybody anything. This crown of entitlement cannot be seen, majorly because there can’t ever be anything as such, has taken upon an empire of biases, negativity, and a mammoth lack of open-mindedness.

5) The power of being consumed into a particular space is the strongest emotion, that only us humans can experience.

While being consumed into learning, paints miracles on your blank white wall, the excessive consumption of social media holds the capacity, if not acknowledged rightly, to take you completely away from who you are, that you, in reality, could be.

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