Engineering : For girls? or For boys?

“Engineering is for boys, pink is for girls”- I hope that everyone must be aware of this myth that most people have. Now the question here is that- Is Engineering for girls or for boys?

Whenever we picture an engineer, most of us picture a nerdy guy sitting at a computer or maybe as a “Mark Zuckerberg” type in a hoodie. The striking part here is that do we ever picture a woman as an engineer.
In an age when we can be proud of gender equality, engineering continues to stand out as one of few remaining male dominated industries. Engineering is portrayed as a male dominated industry. There is still a disproportionate balance of male and female engineers. There is a commercial as well as a social imperative to right the imbalance and we should all strive to ensure that careers in engineering are equally accessible.

In this world of rising technology, we can clearly see that Female engineers are equally excelling as male engineers. Female engineers are as capable, skilled and driven as their male colleagues. Women should be provided with the same opportunities as male engineers. Engineering does not have to be a man’s world. There are myths that put girls off studying engineering at Universities that girls are worse than boys in Mathematics and Physics. But that’s not at all true. There are countless female engineers who have forged a name and made it big in what is believed to be a “Man’s World” i.e “World of Engineering”. The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer proves to a good example. I would encourage girls not to rule out their dream of pursuing engineering as a career.

Engineering is often viewed as a male career option. It is important for the educators and government to ensure that women make a significant contribution to the future of engineering. Government must support industry in attracting and retaining a genuinely diverse, creative and solution based workforce and a dramatic change is needed in schools to overcome perceptions about engineering careers.
I think a 50/50 breakdown in the world of engineering can only bring about good change. But we are not there yet, we have a long way to go.
If women are architects of our society why can’t they be real architects or engineers?

By Amisha L Phukan, Writer – DU Times

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