How Enactus SGGSCC is changing the lives of widows with its Project Tabeer

The life of a widow in India is synonymous to misery, darkness and poverty. The widow community and the hardships faced by them is something the society is oblivious to. And this harsh reality is further highlighted in the slum areas where these women lead their lives in insolation facing extreme poverty and unemployment. Although our constitution provides for a dignified life for every citizen, the society often tends to neglect and ignore such a community. This is where Enactus Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce saw a chance to bring about a change for the better and introduced Project Tabeer.

Tabeer- an Urdu word meaning interpretation of dreams is their dream which aims to break through these stereotypes and bring back happiness and hope to these desolate lives.

Focussing on the widows as their target community, the team trained these women on how to prepare the hand wash- a product that takes​ not more than 1 hour for preparation over a span of 24 hours.

A bottle of Tabeer Handwash is priced at ₹49 and are currently being sold at outlets of Big Bazaar and other retail and kirana stores.

Thus, the Tabeer Liquid Handwash which is being sold at an affordable price will not only ensure a continuous source of income for these women but will also help in creating a healthier and more hygienic environment.

Project Tabeer will not only be successful in making these women financially independent but also strongly goes ahead and breaks through the stigma attached to this community and integrates the society into one.

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