Education Amidst Pandemic

To look upon the contemporary situation, it is more about encountering the challenges rather than to wander with veiled heads. This tremendous outbreak is imparting a lesson of life to the masses including children, youth, or elderly folks.

The pessimistic minds are viewing this pandemic as a cessation to learning. Rather the need of an hour is to visualise the same as an opportunity to learn from the experiences.

Sometimes, the unpleasant social background during this outbreak could also undermine the potential of an individual to work effectively. Thus, the online examinations may lead to erroneous results.

According to the sources various governmental authorities, MHRD, University Deans, etc. are emphasizing on the plenty of methods for conducting the online classes and examinations as a means for judging the capacity of a student while disregarding the other factors like that of the social and economic challenges being confronted by many of them along with the psycho-social issues.

Besides, this idea of online examination was also opposed by many. The Delhi University Student Union (DUSU) and the ABVP has also submitted a memorandum to the vice-chancellor opposing the idea of online examination. The petition regarding the same was also started by students’ union NSUI and Left-backed AISA.


More importance to rational understanding;

For the same, the Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal e-Launches seven titles on “Psycho-Social Impact of Pandemic & Lockdown and How to Cope With” to help people to counter the formidable circumstances and to develop awareness regarding the same. Similarly, the authorities, instead of imposing distress to the students for the proper conduct of their academic calendars, should lend a hand for a better growth of them as a human being which is the prerequisite of the contemporary world and for tackling any natural disasters further.

Moreover, the efforts should be made on enhancing the decision-making skills and the self-concepts of an individual which will facilitate their optimal health rather than conducting the online exams as a testimony to their memory.

Carry a sanguine disposition;

This lockdown is not a productivity challenge! Rather it is a unique time slot to gain some life adroitness. Instead of assuming it as cessation to your learning consider it as a tenure of critical and analytical understanding. Be your own mentor and your own friend, grasp new hacks for life and focus your attention on the well-being.

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