Do We Really Know Ourselves?

Self is the understanding of all the conscious thoughts, ideas and experiences in respect to an individual. In this rat race, what we need the most is understanding of our own selves. There’s a need to understand that all the human beings differ from each other on the basis of various attributes. Rather than making comparisons, one should try to identify strong and productive differences between individuals.       Self

Talking about the mental health would be so far if we are not able to recognise our own potentials, capabilities, desires and choices.

How can we recognise ourselves?

1) Personal Identity : it is a group of factors that make one different from others. For instance, one would have been honest and hardworking while the other would have been a believer in fate and destiny.

2) Social Identity : it refers to the social and cultural aspects of an individual to which he/she is linked to. For instance, one might be Indian while the other would have been American.

In both the identities there are different and contrasting aspects and characteristics which might be present in the varying individuals. Only the need is to identify our own features and ourselves. Then we cling to our personal and social identities and feel safe about it to remain stable with us in our lifetime.

Once we become familiar with our inner strengths and weaknesses, then we would be eligible for helping ourselves as well as others in any mental or emotional crisis.

In our day-to-day life, it becomes quite confusing to identify any sort of mental issues going on in an individual. So, why do we either wait for seeing the symptoms for any health issues?

Keep talking, keep sharing, be humble, and develop faith in others as well as in yourselves.



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