Delhi University Students complain of faulty results, get zero in some papers

Results of third year economic (H) students were declared on 20th may, 2020. Many Students were surprised to see that they have scored zero grade In many subjects. This was completely unexpected. The students who previously scored 7-8 CGPA and expecting similar results scored 4-5 CGPA. Many students also complained that they have been marked absent in the examination. Students are unable to contact the officials as no one is replying to calls and emails. Similar problems have been faced by students doing Bcom hons and English hons as well.

Some teachers are suggesting that if they have problems with the results they can go for revaluation. But revaluation for each subject costs 800-1000RS and not every student is financially capable of this. Also, since shops are closed, students will be unable to obtain photostats. Moreover, students have little faith in the reevaluation and rechecking systems, as students often claim that the university makes profit off it’s own faults.

It seems like faulty results have become normal for students In the university. With the recent decision of the University to conduct online examinations, many students are apprehensive about the universities capabilities to conduct the same.

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