The Booze Ban – Right or Wrong?

“The women of Kacchabalee, a village in Rajasthan led to the prohibition of booze in their village.” It starts with a single shot and becomes an addiction. Alcohol is as pointless as the social networking sites.

The youth is the future of the nation. They are the ones who would make this world a better living place. But booze traps them like a cobweb. It is hard to let loose. Then alcohol becomes water. After food, at parties and gatherings alcohol becomes the best friend. There is no reason. You drink when you’re sad and you drink you’re gay. The moral of the story is that you drink.

Technically, the women is the head of the family. It is said that you educate the entire family once you educate the woman. Even her life is not a bed of roses. But booze makes it worse. Her husband consumes alcohol like the air we breathe. The emotional and physical torture follows hereafter. The bucks that should be spent on education, healthcare and food is spent on booze. The family cannot even invest a little money for future.

The alcohol leads to fatal health problems including liver failure. It is harmful for the overall development of the individual as well as his ménage. There have been deaths due to consumption of poisonous alcohol.

The men fumble. They lose control. They fail to fulfil their responsibilities. They live in a world of their own.

We long to see people with sound minds. The people who are at peace. The ones who are not emotionally dependent on a glass of wine. We wish to see a youth that drinks H2O and keeps themselves hydrated in this dazzling sun. The ones who rule their hearts and don’t fall for ‘Just one shot brother!’

Utkarsha Kashyap | Content Writer | DU Times