There is a lot more happening in our surrounding than Rohith Vermula and border conflicts . Happenings which can question our existence.
Lets not get confined to India or Earth today. Lets go into the cosmic world. From the tiny stars we see to the plasma ball (sun) , beyond our vision and ahead of our thinking, the cosmic world is an interesting beauty unknown to many.

I am no NEIL DE-GRESSE TYSON but for me the cosmic world is a puzzle. How earth was formed ? Why we revolve around the sun ? What are black holes or white holes ? All this fascinates the cosmic me.

So, what do you know about the world which is beyond your imagination , beyond earth , beyond the milky way? Friends , all that you see is just an illusion of the cosmic happenings.

Formation of milky way or earth is the last line of the cosmic history . I am talking about something which challenges every law of physics , alters every chemical reaction and give nightmares  to the mathematicians. I am talking about the very first step of cosmos.

Researchers have found that condensed hydrogenic helium , the dust particles of the space together build the cosmos. 13.8 billion years ago , which is of no value
in the cosmic watch observed the big-bang which gave birth to our galaxy . Some 13.4   billion years ago there was no sun , so no earth and hence no humans , from where did the human like gods came is still a myth for me.

Let me shrink you to the size of a nucleon and take you in the cosmic world .

What about the light we see?
Why the sun shines soo much ?
How far we can look into the universe ?

The light we see is 30 million years old and the formation of our nearest black hole was heard by LIGO observatory after 1.3 billion years which proves the general theory of relativity by Einstein given a century ago.
The horizon we see is nothing but an illusion.
Crab nebula is the limit of our vision in the cosmic world. It is a star 10 times of our sun’s size.
The sun shines so much because of the the millions of plasmic blasts every second with multiple nuclear fission.
Cygnus-x1 , our nearest black hole observed by NASA.

So , what is black hole for you ?
Why we cannot see it ?
What is its strength ?

The answer to this will make you feel soo small that you will almost  think that our galaxy , our earth and obviously we don’t exist at all.

A black hole , which is the limit of our studies. Event horizon is the boundary of a black hole where the laws of physics are of 0 value. Our thinking stops at this.

When giant stars cannot hold enough nuclear energy of themselves , they explode to darkness leaving behind the gravitational pull. That gravity is soo strong that it  has the power to amass millions of  earth and galaxies together. 4 million sun’s are expected to be at the  centre of a black hole. Light has no entry to the black hole and where we will travel at a speed of 4 million km/sec.
The expected WHITE HOLE is the reverse of this process.
Together they built a space bridge to travel.

What do you think about yourself ?
Where do we stand ?
What is our history ?,
Who created us ?
We don’t know this and we have got our earth devided into 196 parts.
Amazing humans.

By Ayush Verma for DU Times

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