Internship : Benefits of this learning experience


An internship is professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student’s field of study or career interest. It is a limited period of Work experience offered by different companies or other employers to students and graduates, giving them exposure to a working environment. It can be paid or unpaid, depending upon the requirements of the employers and performance of the students. Now many people say that if it is not paid why would it be useful ? why do we waste time on such thing ? But internship is not a job, where payment is necessary instead, gaining experience is.

Let’s go through some benefits of an internship:

1. The first and the most important is, is job experience. For a potential employee, the chances to get hired increases with the amount of experience he has gained. Some major companies, would actually prefer someone with an already experience in the field than a person with no experience. Reason being, the person who is experienced would actually know what has to be done when he lands himself into the market and how to represent the company.

2. Gaining research experience is equally important. For a science student to become an assistant in the lab, or a content writer or even a journalist requires the ability of researching well. Without researching coming up with the content or any practical work without any proof might lead to rejection. When doing an internship you gain that experience of what to research, when to research and how to research.

3. Exploring different options is also very important part for your career. Applying and doing a lot of internships you get to know about several different options about what career path you should actually choose. By doing this you might get to know better your field of interest and even tell you what things you are best at. Like do you write well or mentor well or are good at sales or any other marketing, etc.

4. Some internships do offer an amount of stipend for the work that they need. By applying for those, you can start earning at an early age. The amount can differ from an internship to internship, some might give you 1K and others mind give you 10k, which might be a huge amount for an undergraduate.

5. Some companies or employers look for internship as an opportunity for recruitment processes. They hire a bunch of students or graduates, make them intern for a few months and based upon their performance, offer them a job opportunity. Even if there is no vacancy, but if the student’s performance leaves a remarkable impression, they refer to him as soon as there is an opening.

So all in all, internships offer you certificates, experiences, better opportunities in future and a stipend as well.

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