9 Happy Moments of Having your Hometown Bestie move with you to the New City

9 Happy Moments of having your Hometown Bestie move with you to the New City!

1) When you shift to another city after getting into a college, you lose yourself in the hustle of fully fledged college life, you search for a person who can listen to you without being judgmental and that solace is just a call away from you. Yes, you can always find your hometown bestie by your side whenever you need a bit of counseling.
122) Apart from giving you counseling, your school bestie is the one who will help you with tips about what to wear on different occasions such College Orientation day or your Fresher’s party.

3) You will also disturb your bestie if you need any suggestions for your upcoming assignments. It’s always fun and less of headache if you get to discuss the assignment ideas with your bestie.
144) If your school bestie happens to study in the same University, it’s almost like a treat for to everyday catch up with each other while going to college and coming back from it.
155) And meanwhile in the bus, metro or autorickshaw, all sorts of your conversations from intellectual to the latest guy/girl you admire in your college becomes the moment of the day.

6 From arranging the passes for the concert that’s taking place in the your bestie’s college to planning sudden trips to explore the new city, you realize that having your bestie by your side is unmatchable. Such true love when he/she says ‘Arey tere liye ticket arrange karli thi maine pehle hi’.
177 When you and your school bestie bunk their respective colleges and decide to go to some good place to spend time together, ditching the hectic college schedule and rejuvenating in the rides of the new city which fills you with a new enthusiasm is great. You not just eat-drink and have all that fun but also share your little happiness’ and the biggest insecurities with each other.
188) It fills you with a lot of encouragement when your bestie makes him/herself available to cheer you up at your college performances. That familiar sound of your bestie calling out your name again and again indeed motivates a lot.
209) At last, you cannot resist those tears rolling down your cheeks while you are telling him/her about the little success stories or the giant appreciation that you have achieved in your personal or professional lives.

Have a Great College Life!

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