75% of the Delhi University students won’t be able to appear in online exams, found out in a survey done by AISA

After Delhi University laid out the possibility of conducting online exams, All India Students Association (AISA) surveyed the students to know whether the student will be able to give online exams or not.
Due to Covid-19, colleges were shut down and the teacher was asked to take online classes.
Now, AISA did a survey and found out that 74% of students won’t be able to give online exams. When they were asked for the reason, 72% of the complaint about the poor internet connection and stated it’s one of the major reasons for them not being able to attend online classes.
Left student Organisation surveyed 1500 Delhi University students and it came out that only 42.4 % colleges are conducting online classes, 37.7 % colleges are conducting online classes for specific subjects whereas 17.9% colleges are not conducting it.
In the survey, they asked students whether they can attend online classes or not. 22.4 % of students said they can attend all their classes, 42.2 % of students said that they can some classes and 41.2% said they are not able to any of the classes.
When they asked for the reason, 72 % of students criticize poor internet connection, 12% of students said that they are financially incapable and 16% gave other reasons.
It was also found out that only 29% of students have the accessibility to the study materials and e-notes whereas more than half % of the students don’t have the accessibility of the same. Some said that the notes are being provided by some teachers only, others said that the study material is not being provided in medium language for the examination.
Another problem was found out that 66% of the students don’t have access to laptops, computers, and smartphones. 74% of students shared that they won’t be able to give online exams considering it’s a 3 hours exam.

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