5 Lingerie Brands Every Girl Craves For…

One of the most essential item in a woman’s closet is her lingerie. Every woman truly loves her lingerie.They are so choosy about it that they would not mind spending a fortune on a few exclusive pieces provided they look their best always.

Today, most women are on the lookout for lingerie that will not only help them look and feel good, but also make them rather self-confident during their intimate times. It is for this reason that most of us are on the lookout for the best lingerie brands in India.

Nonetheless, it is fairly basic to comprehend what precisely to look forward in a brand before grabbing something that truly appeals to you. While the first thing one notices is the style and the color, it is similarly essential to see  whether the fabric is skin friendly, the style is sufficiently agreeable and also the quality is just second to none. One thing to never forget is regardless of how engaging the style is, if you do not feel completely at ease wearing it,the purpose of buying a fine lingerie stands defeated.

So whether you wish to shop for unmentionables to run with your regular easygoing wear, for the night formals or for those romantic evenings with your dearest, we’re certain this rundown will help you in taking your pick from one of the main lingerie brands of India.

#5. Clovia
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For all we know, one’s lingerie shopping just can’t be finished without a modest bunch of some amazing items from the recently settled brand Clovia. This stunning brand offers some of the choicest baby dolls and camisoles, not to forget its exotic range of stains, wrap-robes, and specially designed bridal lingerie wear! Spread across over 800 little and huge urban communities of India, this brand has made its imprint rather well, given the way that it just appeared in mid 2013.

Accessible both online and on-ground, what makes this brand worth your time and cash is its immaculate quality.

#4. Valentine


Once more, an India brand which will give you a brilliant, high on account of its shocking outlines and stunning fabrics! A business sector pioneer with respect to bridal lingerie collection, this brand has made waves like none other. First settled in Mumbai as a retail shop, it got the Indian ladies’ attention, to such an extent that within a short span of time, 4 more stores were set up in Mumbai and an online gateway was kick-begun to connect with crowds in different parts of the nation. With a starting range of Rs. 199, this brand offers the best and most exclusive of fancy lingerie in an extensive variety of fabrics.

#3. Private Livesprivatelives-logo

Here’s a brand that brings you the best nightwear for ladies. Outlined by the famous Designer Seema Kapoor, from the normal fabric like cotton and glossy silk to a portion of the most extraordinary ones, for example, power net, elastane and velvet, you can trust to discover every one of them with Private Lives. For what it’s worth, you can likewise locate some easygoing day wear alongside bathing suits and extras with this brand which makes it your one-stop look for all your inner wear needs! Flawless fit, lovely flare and slick cuts are the thing that makes this quality oriented brand highly appealing!


#2. Enamor

 Image result for enamor brand logoEnamor is a successfully running lingerie brand with an incredible range of shape wear as well! Its Hourglass collection is incredible! They offer provocative nightwear, bottoms, tights, nightgown and shorts in their sleepwear portion. Started in 2003, this brand is available in more than 1800 multi brand outlets across the country. It surely makes you look fabulous as you are!


#1. Pretty Secrets


Right from ordinary bra and undies to the absolute most stunning  nightgowns and evenings wear, Pretty Secrets offers it all. Truth be told, the brand is somewhat notable for its dazzling lingerie collections including its range of satin collections , baby dolls, lacy dresses, wrap gown and more importantly its stunning bridal collection.


Indeed, even the ‘Pretty Secrets’ online space is as pretty pink as its name. Delicate and engaging are the words! It is the most interactive lingerie brand in India.

This Indian lingerie brands list comprises of top brands that offer a variety of inner wear for ladies.  Hope this article on top 5 online lingerie brands helps you find your perfect fitting lingerie.


Ashmita Singh | Content Writer | DU Times




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