With Freedom Comes Responsibilities

Hey Fucchas, how’s you all?

The college hasn’t started yet, but I know a bunch of feelings are popping inside you all. Some of you will be excited to explore everything you have been dreaming of since 10th and others might be a little bit nervous about a whole new twist in their lives. But, but, but just remember one thing, there’s nothing to worry about because college life is a bag of shocks (hey, I said shocks and not socks!) and surprises. You will be having new friends, new squads (like we say), new subjects, new teachers any many more new things. No matter what story your college diary would tell you all will be taking with you a bucket full of memories and a book full of life lessons learned in these three or four years.

So, till now you might have understood where this article is heading to. Yes, you got it right, it’s for our fresher batch who will be joining us in few days. So some gyan for you guys, to help you have a mind-blasting experience in your college. Common focus now, just joking sit down calmly and read further.


You Only Live Once. Yes, you do and this life is more fun when you get into college because you are legally adult now. By this, I don’t mean that you all start doing what all comes in your mind. Relax, bhai baat to khatam hone do! It means you have the right to have fun but you should also know your limits well. Once you enter college, you meet a variety of distinguished personalities (namune) who are living their life their way and I hope they know what good or bad they are doing to themselves. So, ese bde logo s to bach ke hi rehna because this life will never give you a second chance, your one step can either ruin you or can take you to heights.

Coming straight to the point, you have to take wise decisions to secure your bright future because you are the only one responsible for it. There will be distractions in your way but stay firm and question yourself before taking any big step because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.


I know it might sound a little bit boring now but come on, let’s face it. All of us are here to make our future and education is the only path. Classes in college can be described in 3 words, “Masti ki Paathshala”. Trust me, you will enjoy your classes because most of the times you will be busy with your own stuff and the lecturer will be no less than an alien to you (Because sunta kon hai class mein).


 jaise din k baad raat hoti hai,

            vse hi masti k baad khadi khaat hoti hai!

What I mean to say is that focus equally on your studies as you do on your buddies because ultimately you have to face the semester exams which will show you what pressure means in real.

Still no worries, study hard. No big lectures from my side on this topic because I know hard work begins only 1-2 months before the exams!


No, no, no, this is not what you are thinking about. It’s a vast one, indeed!

Till now you might have experienced heartbreaks in the form of breakups but college will give you a whole new definition for this. Here you will experience heartbreaks not only because of your broken relationships but your close friendships too will be hampered. You’ll make a bunch of friends but only few will remain close to your heart. I remember my class teacher’s saying, “College friends will be there with you forever”. I believe it in my case because the bond I share with my college friends is stronger than the one I use to have with my school fellows. This doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. So, choose your friends wisely because a man is known by the company he keeps.

And yes, as far as the breakups are concerned, O dear! My sympathy is with you.


We all are in a race and friendships and fun are a part of it. I won’t say they are a hurdle but they can be a distraction if you are an emotional fool like me especially in this 21st century where we have virtual friends by our side more than the real ones. It does not mean that friends betray you or anything else like that but yes, you have to be strong and should have a good focus. You should be determined to achieve your objective. We all are a part of this competition and everyone has an aim to achieve so, don’t let anything come in your way. Anything means anything! I might sound selfish but that’s the reality and it would be better for all of us to accept it as soon as possible.

Push your limits and pass out with flying colors.

I know it’s a little too much for today so, let’s conclude!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, to isse khul k jee lo yaaro! Study like a nerd, eat like a monster (no need to worry about weight, vo to gym ja ke bhi km hojayega), explore like an adventurer (dhund dalo apne college ke aas pass ke sare bhoot bangle) and live this life like today is your last day but with safety. Kuki savdhani hati durghatna ghati!

Winding up my words, I wish you all the best for stepping in a new journey of your life. I hope you have a great time and when you’ll come out, remember to gather all your memories and experiences in a small box of happiness which you will cherish forever.

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