In the future, I’d prefer a physical classroom over online classes ANYDAY

In the future, I’d prefer a physical classroom over online classes ANYDAY

No doubt I can learn at my comfort, laying in my bed at a click right now but I just don’t like it, online teaching has made me lose the teacher-student bond I enjoyed having, it has made me disconnect with the term “education” and the relevance it held in my life.

Online teaching just sounds uninteresting to me now, quite honestly, I miss the physical setting of learning which we were exposed to, wherein I had my hands on information being taught, wherein I was serious, attentive and, ardent to learn.  And now whenever I hear online classes I sense a kind of laziness in my attitude which leads to being inattentive in class. it has made me lethargic and has developed a kind of attitude I don’t like having in me. I agree that we do have alternatives to each and everything but I feel like I’ve lost it all to this virtual world.

I wasn’t the sincerest kid of the class ever, but I loved the process called learning, where we were lowkey allowed to crack jokes for good, ask all the unnecessary doubts to our teachers. And to the days where teachers practiced different modes to teach us weird concepts, sometimes in the ground under the sun in chilly winters while others on a walk to the campus garden.

For a fact, students learn at the face value of their teachers, I still remember, once I was walking through the corridors and I happen to cross by one of my biology teachers and laughed out loud remembering the most unfunny joke she cracked to explain reflex action to us, for which I was taken to the vice principal later but that’s what it is, mixed feelings are the best for me. And now, we hardly know our teachers through their display pictures, for most of them we don’t even have one.

To be honest, bunking classes were a different experience altogether and let’s agree we as students sometimes liked the scolds from teachers too just to gossip about it amongst friends later but thanks to the virtual world for taking it all from us with a jerk.

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you”, Although this quote was written long back but it makes sense to me now; you can learn at a click now and forever with the coming of the virtual world. This world has enabled people to switch to digital platforms and in such a manner that it can never be undone now!

Online classes are very convenient and allows space to follow other passions in life. It helps you grow personally because there’s no one on your head to get things done, you learn self-discipline. Furthermore, Online classes have made me save a lot on money and energy, it has reduced the cost of travelling, expenditure on food and other trends that aligns with a student’s college social life nowadays. Talking of the benefits, it has contributed a major part towards saving time and energy, it has helped me spend more time with my family, helps me stay energetic throughout the day and spend it to its fullest. Of course, on the other hand it has limited the time spent with friends but like I said, mixed feelings have it all for me.

More than anything else, online classes provides you with the freedom of learning in a comfortable environment. With the ability to learn anywhere, online learners can complete coursework at home, a coffee shop, or a library. If you ask me, I love to complete all my work at my terrace garden because I just love connecting with the nature. This advantage of online learning allows students to work in the environment that suits best to them. To add to it, online classes help you enhance your technical skills which are the utmost important in this 21st century. New skills can include the ability to use new software suites, perform in-depth online research, and communicate online through different platforms effectively such as discussion boards, teleconferencing, email-in and many more. Not to forget, stepping into the virtual world has helped me learn how to write an email, yes that’s true. Despite belonging to the generation Z, I didn’t know how to write an email. The first time I had to write an email, was for this internship organisation I had to roll in and I got so blank, none of the formats learnt theoretically in school worked, thanks to google and YouTube for helping me walk through it ever since.

To conclude, Online classes have their pros and cons. It’s comforting and destructive at the same time. For me online classes were just experiential. Nothing more or less. At the end what matters is the experience, after all experience is what I was supposed to be be typing in here.

Everybody has their own preferences. What do you think?

Meeting link or entering late to the classroom?

Video conferencing or chilling in the corridors?

Homemade coffee or canteen’s tea?

Ms word or a notebook?

Typing or writing?


For I shall prefer a physical classroom over online classes ANYDAY

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