A Seminar By US Scholars: Daulat Ram College

US Scholars to visit Daulat Ram College

Daulat Ram College is about to witness a large number of people springing up in its premises the coming year. Of course, no one can afford to miss the opportunity of interacting with the scholarly people from universities like Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Yes! DU Times in association with the Commerce Department of DRC is organizing an International Seminar on ‘Facing the Changing Times’-as knowledge and technology evolve in a rapid pace, our challenges, opportunities and need.

Does the fact that gizmos eat up a significant proportion of our time, bug you? Do you think the upsurge of social media has crippled the way we interact with others? Or, do you feel it has brought us all together with stronger relationships? Do you feel blessed that you can carry your world, wherever you go? We will try and seek answers to such questions.


Delegates that would create a magnetic aura:

– Prof. Jung Han, Yale University
– Associate Prof. Binghao Luo, Louisiana State University
– Emeritus Prof. Keh-Shin Lii, University of California, Riverside
– Ex-Prof. Yang Liu, Harvard University
– PhD Scholar, Xinlai Bai, Princeton University
– PhD Scholar, Guixue yu, Princeton University

Taking a sneak -peek into the life Prof. Binghao, he has been accredited with more than 10 publications to his name. A PhD scholar, his key area of interest lies in Life Sciences. On the same lines, you will be stunned with the academic achievements of all the intellectuals. Come; share your views on the digitization of emotions, feelings and increasing virtual nature of our living and interactions. It is a curse or bliss? The event would definitely prove as a time of great learning, where you would understand the way other people perceive technology.

So mark your calendars for 12th of January and come rushing to the Seminar Hall of DRC before time! (I mean it, owing to the flood of registrations received, entry would be on first come, first serve basis.) Or else, you’ll regret hearing your friends flaunt the amazing session you just missed.

for more details contact Assef 8587920212

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