Re Establish Yourself: An Inspirational Story

Here is a small story, that can inspire you to do something big in life, to make that change you were waiting for, may be this could transform your whole life, so sit back and read.

A hawk lives for around 70 years, but as soon as he reaches the age of 40 years, he is supposed to take an important decision of his life. At that point his body’s three important part starts getting damaged, his hands start to become lengthy and more flexible making him unable to hold a prey, his beak starts to bend forward which makes it difficult for him to hunt for food, his feathers start becoming heavy and get stuck to the body which makes it difficult for him to fly. Finding food, hunting food and eating food, three of these activities become difficult for him.

image hawk

Now he is only left with three options,
1) To leave his useless body, i.e. he dies.
2) To leave his identity and act like a vulture to eat whatever and whenever he gets to eat.
3) Else he can go to the peak of the mountain, and reestablish himself.

Though first two options are quiet easy and convenient, strangely he chooses the third option. The hawk decides to reestablish himself, He goes to a highest peak of mountain, and in the serenity of nature he makes his own nest. First of all,he beats his beak to a heavy rock and tries to break it; there is nothing more shameful and painful for a bird species to break its beak. Further he waits for his beak to grow up again. Similarly he breaks his claws too and waits for them to grow again too.After he regains his new beak and claws, he breaks his unwanted wings and waits for them to grow again. After the sufferings, pain and torture of 150 days he reestablishes himself, He is all new to fly high again, to be the king of the world, to be who he earlier was, thus he lives for another 30 years with his esteem, respect and confidence.

Similarly, a human’s desires, passion and confidence turn to fade away with the passage of time. We get stuck up with our past issues, we fall and lose our identity in the process, and we forget our powers. All we need to do after a point is reestablish our self-esteem because we are here to fly high, we are here to follow our passion, to make the best of everything, and for that we need to work on our own self.
Let us take some time out of our busy schedules to work on our selves. Why not let go the negativity that has been stuck to our soul? I know it will hurt a bit for a while, but that is the only thing that will let us fly high just like a hawk.

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