The importance of Generic Elective Subjects in Delhi University

There is no doubt to believe that Delhi University offers n number of courses to the students with wider future scope. Courses like Political Science, English, Economics and Psychology are very much in demand.

Due to high cutoff trend many students can not opt  their desired subjects. Delhi University has launched CBCS educational system, which includes introduction of Generic Elective Subject.

In This, Student can opt 1 out of 40 GE’s along with their major subject. For eg

Case A,  If you have scored well and are going to opt Economics as major subject, you can opt Maths as your G.E.  This makes the best combination  of subject and makes the scope wider.

Case B : If you have not scored well, but wanted to do Economics Honours  but didn’t get. So in that case you can opt Economics as your G.E with any of your major degree.  Bonus point is,whatever Generic Elective subject you opt with your major subject ,You can always do your masters in that.

There are total of 40 Generic Elective Subjects. Also, if you continue to study same GE in continuous 4 semesters you could become a holder of minor degree as well along with  major degree and as told above you can pursue your masters in that particular subject  as well.

For eg : If you are doing major in Economics and have Maths as your GE in only 2 semesters, then you may not be eligible for masters in Maths. You are supposed to study GE for continuous 4 semester to be eligible for Masters.

So, Students pay attention to  your GE subjects as well, don’t take them for granted while taking admission in college  because they too play a crucial role.

All the best!

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