Delhi University Invites Suggestions From Students Itself Regarding Examinations

Delhi University has asked for suggestions from students and stakeholders regarding how to conduct examinations.

Recently, a working group committee of 15 members was formed to take decisions regarding examinations for the session 2019-2020. They are now inviting suggestions and comments from students and other stakeholders itself.

Delhi University Invites Suggestions

If you have any suggestions, or comment for the same, please email at [email protected].

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  1. As whole world is facing tough time during the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to understand each and every situation of students around the different parts of India. Nobody knows when this pandemic will get over, when this lockdown will end and when everyone will be able to travel to different states. No one has the idea.

    I would like to give some suggestions for conducting Delhi University Examinations:

    1) It is not possible to conduct online semester exams because
    some theory subjects like History,
    Pol Science,Geography,English, Economics etc requires written examination method instead of MCQ based.
    University got students from different parts of India both urban and rural. There is a very rare access to internet facility, Mobiles, laptops etc in many different rural regions of India. Meanwhile only Urban students will get advantage in online examination mode.
    For online examinations, proper centres which follow strict social distancing rules should be made which is not easy at all. We have seen that for many competitive exams, rural students travel a long distance sometimes to other districts for their examination centres. We never know when this lockdown will end and when people can travel to different cities and states.

    2) I would suggest not to promote/pass students without giving their exams. It will create a problem to them in future like some Masters entrances take admissions on merit basis(graduation marks). How can someone get good merit without giving all semester exams?
    In many courses where 1st year course in interlinked with 2nd year and 2nd year course is interlinked with 3rd year, in such cases students will face problem in studies without studying their previous syllabus.
    How will be the students promoted who got back/ER/failed in previous subjects?
    They will face many problems in their future.

    3) My personal suggestion that I think will be best for the Examinations would be :
    Wait for the situation to get normal.
    Wait for the lockdown to get completely over.
    Wait for the time when everyone can travel safely to any part of India.
    Supose coronavirus ends in October or November then
    we should continue the semester studies from where it was stopped and we should give some time like 15-20 days to colleges to complete their syllabus and clear all the queries of the students and then we should begin with proper written examinations like it used to be conducted everytime.

    We should extend the next semesters schedule to December or January which used to be started from mid July. Admission of new students should be done in this time period only.
    In 1-2 years University will be able to follow the study and examination routine as they used to. We will be able to follow the new academic calendar and everything will get back to normal.

  2. If the country situation will not good till june end. So I suggest promote 1st and 2nd year students and take exams only od 3rd year students.

  3. My choice is for the direct promotion as the network coverage in my area is not proper. Due to these types of l miss my classes and also i am not having my own for me. So direct promotion is preferable for them and 1st year &2nd year student and so held the examination for final semester in 3rd year student.
    Therefore please my request.
    Regard Prakash


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