Dear Delhi Metro, I might hate you but I cannot do without you

If reading Rajiv Chowk, Kashmere Gate, Yamuna Bank, Mandi House and Central Secretariat in flow escalates your scale of annoyance and abuse, you are a certified Delhi Metro Commuter.

Delhi Metro is indeed a lifeline. And at times a line in life. Being accustomed or anything, but Delhi Metro is a vital part of our existence. The struggle for finding a seat seems so annoying yet so vital. Cheerfulness elevates to another level if it is Rajiv Chowk **tears of glory**

Time management is imperative

Delhi Metro has taught commuters the art of time-management. Ask the office and college commuters the troubles of reaching station at 9:30 A.M. instead of 9 A.M. Every second counts.

A new unit of measuring distance

Metro gave Indians a yet another new unit of measuring distance. Previously distance in India was measured in terms of hours and minutes, for example, Karol Bagh and my College are one-hour away from my home. Which now has been replaced by Metro stations and the Inter-changes. So, Karol Bagh is 20 stations and zero interchanges away. Whereas, Vishwavidayalya (Delhi University) is less than an hour but one interchange away. Despite the shorter duration, the algorithm calculates them to be at the same distance. Blehhh! Metro Mathematics. No tutorials available.

Rajiv Chowk mein seat ki Umeed leke Lambi line ke end mein Khadhe ho, toh Metro-wale ho Tum!

Rajiv Chowk is the busiest metro station in Delhi. Firstly, because it is an adda. Secondly, because this is the transitory point for the busiest metro routes, i.e., the Yellow and Blue Line. Extending Queues are the order of the day. Commuters travel from the entire world to this place, deluding a seated-trip back home! For Umeed pe toh duniya kaayam hai. The arriving metro, an audience peeping through the window, the determined masterplan made within the blink of an eye, and running double the speed of Usian Bolt tackling the struggling bodies, only to stand near the vacant seat is routine. If you do prove lucky and find a seat, you are unable to figure out which God to thank!
Note: Reserved seats excluded.

Getting down at Agla Station requires Advanced Planning! 

Commuting at office hours and getting down at the busy stations is easy, only with a few steps in between. First, time your moves citing the number of people in front of the gate. Second, ask people near the gate “Bhaisahab/Madam utrenge? Nahi toh piche ho jaaiye”. And then be ready to be pushed out of the metro, hammering all laws of friction. People with earphones can be the greatest irritants here, trust me!

You aren’t playing the Mobile Game alone! 

You are not running through gallows at Temple Run 2, battling defenders in FIFA’17, or breaking candies at CandyCrush at the metro. The peeping Janta is your implicit spectator, your score matters to them too. Your conceding a goal or falling into the trench brings in sheer disappointment to them too. Perhaps more. You sure seem to have a lot of responsibility and expectations to stand upto if playing a game in the metro!

The Aath Dabbe wali Coach and Terminating Metro!

One wouldn’t mind waiting for the 8 Coach Metro trains sitting on the floors of the platform for an entire lifetime. Hoping to find at seat at the impossible hours! After waiting till eternity, there is negligent probability of finding a seat. However, one would repeat the drill, hopeful of finding a seat some day.

The Reserved Seats Debate

In a way, thank god for this! The ignorant Delhites do have a say in Feminism debates.
The reserved seat dissensions are common. Without actually understanding the reservation formulations, commuters feel so ‘deprived of privileges’. And starts the debate! The criterions are further skewed for the elderly. It works two ways, sacrifice your seat or debate-investigate his qualification. The former seems better, right?
A ‘School of thought’ propagates urgent necessity should be the criterion for awarding seats.
Indeed it can be annoying for a fatigued youth to catch sight of an elderly/woman plugged onto earphones!

Delhites have a peculiar Love-Hate relationship with the Metro. Perhaps, the only thing in  Being a Delhi Metro commuter isn’t easy. But despite these, agar fir bhi metro mein chal rahe ho, tum Metro-wale ho tum. 

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