Chennai Floods- The lessons we learnt

“Freedom lies in being bold.”- Robert Frost

A salute to the indomitable spirit of Chennai! This unflinching determination to save the fellow-beings of Chennai restores one’s faith in the goodness of humanity. After being hit hard by the cataclysmic event of incessant rains and flooding, Chennai people are restoring themselves to normalcy. Around 19,500 citizens are rescued by Indian Army, putting in 40 rescue and relief teams (Source: Economic Times) for helping the most critical areas in Chennai. Since the ominous dark clouds have passed, the whole city makes effort to begin with a great gusto; opening of schools, offices and various institutions. University examinations which were postponed will possibly start in the month of January. The high prices of the commodities have also been reduced to a certain extent. The volunteers in Chennai are actively working to distribute relief material being stored at Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium. Once the rescue and relief operations are completed, the infrastructure and the construction activities have to be inspected, as the downpour has shaken the foundation of many edifices and bridges. This event has raised a number of questions regarding the role of government who initially remained absent during the rescue operations. Accolades to all the volunteers who coordinated efficiently to help the needy!
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So, what lessons do we learn from the crisis? Let’s find out.

  1. The Courage to Fight
    You gain courage when you experience and live through the horror of the crisis. No longer suppressed by fear, the cork of your tin heart bursts open and there you get the agency to combat whatever comes your way. The antidote of audacity destroys the worms of decrepitude.
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  2. Active Participation
    Every citizen of our country needs to be constantly reminded of community participation that enables them to create their own mechanism for the welfare of the society. Once a crisis happens, it becomes a major point of discussion, but people gradually forget about it. The ramifications of the crisis should stay with them, haunt them and pounce on their everyday life, unless they a find a systematic method of retaliating it. In the absence of government machinery and the lack of coordination, independent volunteers are taking efforts to assess the situation at hand. Well, that is planning indeed.
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  3. Proper Planning
    Bridges and buildings need to be properly constructed with a well planned drainage system. During the Chennai floods, many people got infected with diseases sprung out of unclean rain water, while stagnated water has become the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Executing the city planning without bribery is the most important concern, as the inaction of government at this time of crisis when elections are going to decide the fate of the politicians, can prove to be a stumbling block. Basic evacuation measures need to be carried out at least in slum areas where people are worst exposed to floods.
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  4. Humanity knows no religion
    Chennai flood victims are accommodated in mosques. Also, various temples and mosques at Kotturpuram and Saidapet, badly damaged due to floods, are cleaned by Muslims. Humanity transcends all boundaries created by caste, gender, status and religion. Love and compassion act as catalysts for people to work together and transform the world sprawling ahead. It is really heart-warming to see how during such calamities, the roots of humanity remind us of its existence in a world gradually being paralyzed by hatred and intolerance. In today’s world, the lack of humanity should be counted as one of the deadly sins. Chennai people should be praised for the fellow-feeling and generosity that they have shown.
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  5. Choose your leaders wisely!
    It is time to think and take decisions wisely. It needs a sagacious and discerning mind to elect the leaders who will run the government. Since the citizens of our country take part in the process of selection and voting, it is highly important to detect the absurd elements that would be a setback for the developing process. Moreover, if one allows thoughtless politicians to come to power, the stench of rotting policies and procedures will pervade the society. Leadership is a necessary pre-requisite for a peaceful life.
    Pic 52015 has surely been a year full of all kinds of disasters. Whether it was the deadly terror attacks or the destructive natural disasters, the whole planet was plagued by them. As we say goodbye to 2015 and enter the new year, we do so with a hope in our hearts to have a safe year and with all the lessons that these attacks taught us.   
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