Well! I’m sure it is a thing to brag about. The name speaks for itself..!
Delhi University is one such university which is considered to be one of the attractions of Delhi, an ornament and a garland embracing Delhi.
Every year number of aspirants that dream to be a being part of a university that has a glorious history of years is almost equal to the numbers of stars in the sky. Though some dreams pop but some dreams do take their shape giving the students a chance to cherish what they had been longing for. Being from Delhi University is actually like having a tag or a stamp on your head “I AM INTELLECTUAL.” But more than that it is a feeling that you have made your parents proud by making your way to a university which will not only fetch you a degree but will yield overall growth.

Hey! But along with that, the thing that amuses me the most is the agonising smile of all the jealous uncles and bitching aunts of neighbourhood, while all you have is a Duchenne smile on your face. That’s what being a DUite has given me, if I talk about starters along with flipping my personality.

You know you always have an upper hand in your family if you are the only child of your family who is currently pursuing a course from Delhi University.Though our siblings know the inside stories, we still are more than okay with all the tags of being bright and brilliant.

Apart from everything else, that satisfaction, you get when you know after 2/3/4 years you are going to hold a degree/certificate of a university which fascinates almost every Indian and is much morecooler than that tag of being a ”DelhiWala” is almost incomprehensible.

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