6 Great Lies That You Know about College


Excitement reaches the steep heights as you come closer to the College admissions. Along with the excitement comes the preconceived notions about the upcoming college life. It is just like day dreaming that you keep on thinking about what you are going to do when you step into your college life. Of course things may vary for different people but there are few things which you will find pretty common everywhere.

1. First and foremost expectation that we find common among students is that the college boys and girls would be as hot as Siddharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt of Karan Jauhar’s SOTY. But we often forget to remind our-self that there is a gulf of difference between what we see in the rectangle of the screen. You might end up disappointed by finding out a great variety of people around you in college. Some may nit be good looking or supermodels but trust me, if you try talking to them they might turn out to be best people in your life.


2. If you planned that you will be bunking class endlessly as you please, the college administration is going to give you a mean look at such ambitions as most of the regular colleges will have their fixed rules regarding attendance. So your ambitions will be chained to the limit of bunks that are allowed by the college. Anyway that is why they are called “regular” college and that’s the way administration will prove that they mean it. Failing the rules may lend you in serious academic trouble so you better sleep in class.


3. Most of you assume that school is the only place where you are supposed to study and colleges are there for fun and parties, if you fall into this category, dude! you are on the wrong planet. College is just an expansion of studies so be prepared, I hope you would not like to sit with your juniors in the same class.


4. Those with an extra romantic bend of mind might celebrate their going to college as something that might release you from the prison of “singles”. But its always not necessary to work out because you might get trapped into the infinite maze of “friendzones”. So just be
prepared, but anyway you never know cupid might be in an awesome mood to set you up.


5. There were a lot of people I know who dumped their heavy and big school bags (you may be one of them) thinking that college life has less to do with books. If you are one, you are going to get an assured surprise in your college. Don’t abandon studies, balance it with fun and do well in exams.


6. Most of the colleges follow semester system these days so thinking about hangouts and partying everyday can shock your heart out when you step into college. You will just take a couple of breaths and there you go! You will have date-sheet in hand. So party with care.


7. Schools are the temples of strictness and discipline. Our flying thoughts often make us dream that colleges do not have this problem of discipline and we can do all those hundred things that you dream of doing after your board exams, in this as you have boarded the train of the opposite direction. Beware of proctor, and discipline committee, they will continue to haunt you.


8. Getting laid and realizing all our fantasies of passion and desire must be on your to do list. But its pretty tough to get laid in our country. You will need extra amount of patience, determination, focus and rigorous future planning to achieve this dream.


9. In order to carry out all our fun plans and impulsive extravaganza, you will certainly require more bucks in your pocket. So save now and be prepared to face broke times. Though this is not always a problem but it is always wise to catch the cock before its dawn.


College will be a life full of unexpected things, surprise and shocks. All of this is going to turn you into a completely different person. If you ever get disappointed, please do not lose heart but accept the reality and make the best out of it. Because this is reality not a movie.



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