What feminism means to me.

Feminism. We’ve heard this word enough times to understand what it means. There’s also been a lot of debate about the definition of this word. Well, I’m not here to tell you who a feminist is or what definition we should give to the term. I’m be telling you what I believe it shouldn’t be.

At its core, feminism is about equality between men and women. But the word equality can be different for each person. Equality could entail receiving the same education as her brother for a village girl, or a woman desiring to work in a field where only men are thought to be most qualified. Feminism can also imply desiring a different box to circle on an exam sheet than male or female for someone who is unsure of oneself. While there are thousands who believe in equal rights, some also find “feminism” a word and a movement that doesn’t even align completely with their personal beliefs or ideals.

There have been many great battles fought by us in the past, and we have proven ourselves time and time again, but why should anyone continue to do so? Feminism has been reduced to a focus on women and their rights, and as a result, many people have misinterpreted and forgotten the wider picture. It shouldn’t just be about women and their lack of equal rights; it should be about people of all genders who feel as though the system and its people have failed them in some way. A feminist’s definition should be whatever the individual wants it to be. A feminist can be defined as someone who advocates for herself or who stands up for others and their rights. Yes, women have been treated unfairly in the past, but instead of forgetting and learning from our mistakes, we are making the error of ignoring the real problem here. The real problem being not focusing on the real problems and instead focusing on the common picture.

Modern feminism is a fight for gender equality, not merely for equal rights for women. Anyone, regardless of gender, can feel as if they’ve been treated unfairly and they should be fought for just as feminism is fighting for women. Women and teenagers in today’s world are powerful and fearless; nonetheless, the perception that some men are superior to us endures, although only for a short time. The road to this destination, where no one is looked down upon on the basis of anything other than their own talent and caliber, is long and winding, but it is paved with modest triumphs, and when we finally do reach there, we will know that everyone of us has played a small part by believing in ourselves and in what we stand for being right and true.

So feminism for me is defined by what I want it to be, rather than what others think it should be. It’s about what I believe is unjust to me or some other person, whether it’s because of race, gender, or anything else. Feminism isn’t only about standing up for women and their rights; it’s about standing up for everyone who isn’t getting what they deserve and it is our responsibilty as the youth of India to stand up to those who are the problem.

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