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The Virgin Tree – Jai Damdami Mai

There are many DU colleges which are famous for several reasons, like for canteen, infrastructure, campus life, crowd, culture and so on.

Here I will be talking about one of the most happening or famous culture of Hindu College, North Campus – “The Virgin Tree”

To know about this culture keep on reading.

Hindu College is famous for its Valentine’s Day celebration.

They celebrate V-Day by choosing a Bollywood actress and the name they give to the chosen Bollywood actress as “Damdami Mai”, then paste a photo of the actress in front of the virgin tree and pray, they believe that praying to an actress would really help them remove the status of single and they will find love and lose their virginity.

Every year they have this idiosyncratic puja on V-day in the campus.

For puja, they decorate the tree with balloons, water-filled condoms and the poster of any actress.

This is an old tradition, as per the rituals the current Mr Fresher of the college will organise the Puja also known as “Panditji”.

The panditji will have the greetings with the shout of “Damdami Mai ki Jai”

After this students sing the Aarti of Damdami Mai in the hope that everyone will get one girlfriend/boyfriend, after Aarti panditji distribute the Prashad to Damdami Mai and among all the students (shradhauls/Bhakts)

It is a belief that whosoever will pray the virgin tree and eats Damdami Mai’s Prashad he/she will find love within the following six months, loses virginity within in a year.

Once the puja over, shradhalus strew with the jaikara Damdami Mai ki Jai.

If you got admission in Hindu College and want to participate in the Virgin Tree Puja so you have to learn Aarti of DamdamiMai:

“Jai Damdami mata, Maai Jai Damdami mata Tumko dinbhardekhun, raat bhar so na pata Maiya Jai damdami mata 36-24-36 yeh teri kaya, maai yeh teri kaya Gaano pe thumke lagata, Maia Jai Damdami mata Jab tu TV pe aati, toh hostel nachta, maai toh hostel nachta Aisa karke yaad dilata ki tu damdamimata Maai Jai Damdami mata Bol Damdami mata ki Jai!”

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