Things which only an Indian experiences

1. Side effects of reservation
A common scene these days is- a deserving general candidate does not get admission into an institution, despite the fact that he has the required qualifications. But a non deserving candidate gets admitted, although he does not fulfill the criterion. Just because of the reservation system!

2. Insensitive media
Many of us have noticed this whenever there’s a bomb blast, stampede or any such mishappening in the country. This is also evident when the news channels enter into an insensitive and illogical debate upon necessary and even unnecessary topics.

3. Annoying relatives
“Beta, result kya aaya?”, “Beta tumhari shaadi ki umr nikal rhi hai. “C’mon, we’re all familiar with this one. The relatives we’ve not even heard from since years,come in our lives out of nowhere and ask such questions about our lives, of which even WE, ourselves, are not sure about.

4. People peeing on the roadsides
This more or less seems to be a birth right of most of the Indians. Don’t believe me? Take a small round of your city. You’ll see many in this league. Ironically, this is more common near walls with “Yahan peshaab karna manaa hai”written on them.

5. “Sahab, ye 200Rs. chai naashte ke. Zara jaldi kaam nipta do na.”
Wanna get a work done by a government official or get away with the policemen? Offer a 100 or 500 rupees-note and you’re done! Corruption, although, it is a big problem in our country to face today, but its sometimes helpful too. Don’t you agree?

6. Contradictory status of women
While on one side, people in our country regard females as goddesses, on the other hand, the latest reports on crime against women reveal a totally different reality. Rape, domestic violence, persecution for dowry, female infanticide are still common in the country and need to end as soon as possible.

7. Rituals of Indian Ceremonies
An important part about Indian occasions is the rites and rituals performed in them. The most interesting ones being the rituals performed in a typical Indian Wedding- dwaar chhekna, joota churana, haldi, pagphere, waleema and so many more.

8. “Getting married with Angel Priya and 50 others”
I know this one needs no introduction at all. We’ve all been tortured by such posts and such people too. Unnecessary tagging by some people on facebook has been an old disease of people of our country, wherein there’ll be just one or a few people in the picture, but the number of people tagged will be much more.

9. Hilarious Photoshops
Some people try their Photoshop tricks just to fulfill their age old dream of meeting a celebrity and then showing it off on social networking sites. Trust me, a few of them leave me jaw dropped and face palmed. Why, why, why you do this to us people?

10. “Bhai, meri DP like kar de yaar.”*world’s most innocent face*
I say these people should be sent to a mental asylum. Like, seriously??!!! “Like your DP.”Is it THAT important? Grow up, dude! I just don’t understand what kind of satisfaction do these people get from every like they get from this way.

11. Indian jugaad
For us Indians, lack of money has never been a reason for not being able to buy anything (in most cases). Thanks to our jugaad technology. We’ve proven to get things done by our jugaad-oriented minds. Someday the world will applaud and appreciate =us for these innovations.

12. …because gae(cow) humari maata hai
We are taught that as per our beliefs, cow is considered sacred and is worshipped in many parts of the country. Right from our births, we’ve been so habitual of seeing cows on our roads, that it no more seems to amuse us. Although, it annoys us sometimes. But you better know this “who cares?”

13. You know, we’re experts in adjusting
Be it the seat in a public transport or even two-wheelers, we never fail to adjust people more than the meant limit. All it takes is a person asking us to adjust a bit, so that he too can sit there. Well well well, we’re so dildaar isn’t it?

14. We place religion over humanity
We, Indians, are so obsessed with our religions that we often fail to consider a simple fact that the person infront of us is also a human. We’re ready to offer food, money and clothes in temples, but not to a person, who actually needs it.

Experiences may be good or bad, but we need to be proud of what we are. We need to rise above the age-old perceptions and be logical. India is known to be a land of diversities. So let’s not forget that we’re all Indians first. Let religion not make us blind. Finally,”Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, usse perfect banana padta hai.”

By Shreya Srivastava,
Writer – DU Times

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