Politics and Students : Boon or a Bane

Whether or not students should take part in politics is a very debatable issue and what can be said for or against it. We do see students take part in politically organised slogan shouting processions, demonstrations, strikes and so on. One feels sorry for them, for what they appear to be misguided sometimes. In fact, it’s a wondering question whether they are even aware of what they are shouting against and the dirty politics involved behind the scenes.

Primary duty of a student whether in school and college is to study hard and acquire as much as knowledge possible, for this period of can never return again. On secondary thoughts as well, it’s about having as much as fun with friends,exposure, participate in co-curricular, bit of knowledge on how life works and the rest the life will teach them. This time of a student is the time he can imbibe the maximum, get to know is aptitude and give positive direction to his life.

Getting into politics may or may not be a positive aspect or something that a student wants in his life, but how good would it even turn out, if he has no knowledge about it and just got stuck with it? It is not just about academics, but everything else that might stand in the way of his career prospects later on. Becoming a politician without having to know what politics is, how dirty it can be, is surely not a good career prospect.

However this does not mean that the student should totally stay away from politics. He can take part in what one could term as ‘passive’ politics. This means that he considers this period of life as a time to prepare themselves for the ‘active’ politics later on in his life. This way he will get to know better how politics is played, and he wouldn’t be playing with their life instead.

If a student is politically ambitious and wishes to be a leader in his country for the betterment and changes that are required, the first step towards this is to concentrate on acquiring good knowledge, general education, and developing his intellect. Only then can he aspire to reach the Heights of wanting to be a good leader and not just remain a slogan shouting follower amongst others.

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