Am I going to get judged just because I’m a plus sized person? If yes! Then my dear people you really need to clean the junk piled up in your minds.

MYTH: The person is fat just because he/she eats too much.

REALITY: Much more than food, it’s the metabolism!

Some old school people really need to know that every time it’s not about the eating habits of a person, sometimes it’s a medical condition. But, why would people bother to understand when they have a laughing stock standing in front of their eyes! There are some people who toil day and night just to reduce weight but can’t really help it and you know what the problem is, none will appreciate the effort! “Beta subah jaldi utho aur Yoga kro.” Hey dude! Why don’tyou go for good gym to get your desired body shape? You will surely relate to these slaying comments if you have extra kilos on your body!

But what actually is a desired shape? A shape that will fetch you a handsome guy or a pretty gal? Is it really necessary to customise ourselves on the basis of the trends of the society? Don’t you think that the well-being of a person should motivate a person to reduce weight?

Thanks to people who turn and laugh along with making weird faces, a plus sized person develops a hatred for his/her own body. And more than that we should thank those idiots who reject people with golden heart and uncountable virtues just because of their body shape. I must tell you one thing. Pressures like getting a perfect partner or may be getting a job or may be an urge to be famous leads people to a road, A ROAD, they wouldn’t have taken if people would have accepted them as living beings and not just as hollow bodies passing by! But just as we can’t fill torn empty tumblers with water, we can’t really fill hollow minds with the words of wisdom.

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