A Glimpse Of How Do We Actually Look In The Class Room?

You will raise your eyebrows and curl up the corners of your mouth when you confront yourselves with this particular article, because hey, this post – entails the observation of faces in the lecture room.


“Yaar, kuch nhi samajh aara yaar but atleast I can pretend otherwise, because tere bhai mai talent hai bro”. The faces we pretend, to make illusions to the teachers that we are listening and studying, but what do we actually do instead is we constantly smile when our teacher smiles and nod our head when the teacher explains, we pretend like we understand and follow everything she utters.


“It isn’t a lie or an exaggeration that most kids go to college only for attendance because otherwise, we kids do believe in self-study and that too one or two day before the exam”. So, the only motive of us is to talk and disturb the whole class, because we have something so important to tell our friends, which we just can`t share after the lecture and it ought to be coming out of our throat on its own . hahah and the funniest part is these faces start talking while the teacher looks towards white board and when looks towards them we kids start nodding our heads as if we understand everything


Now, this category is another one which probably will call your attention to this post. This category includes stalkers -“dude wo daikh na “ precisely their job is to look desperately for all the irrelevant activities and to pass personal or impersonal comments on other fellow students.


Have you ever really tried so hard during the class to understand (probably the last time you tried this is the day before your internals) all that the teacher is making us learn yet despite of your efforts you failed? So basically, this category includes the kids who don’t understand what is happening in the class, from their point of view everything is rocket sciences- “kya ho ra hai yaar?” They always struggle to understand the ABC of what is going on.


Last but not at all the least, this category includes sleeping faces. “yrr I could not fall asleep last night, I had a fight with my boyfriend/girlfriend but dude we have three lectures back to back waise b kuch smjh toh aata nhi h us class mai neend puri kr lenge”. I personally believe sleeping in class should be called an art because those who are indulged in it practices it pretty well. They are those who take a risk of dozing off with the teacher sitting or standing in front of them nor they bothered by what is being said and taught in the class, these faces are lost in their own dreams.

Besides, there are attentive faces who unlike the faces mentioned above are real nerds “Padaku” but as far as I know nobody after becoming a part of college fits in this category.

So hey there, let us know in the comment section in which category do you and your friends fall.

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