​The Great Indian Study League

Around 13 lakh students appear for the CBSE board exams which are a battle for each one of them. All hope for a glorious victory.
This is the time when each student fears even a single mistake that might change the route of their career. After they have done everything in their hands, what do they do? They wait.
Anticipating results and then tallying marks with each other along with thinking about how hard they have studied to achieve what they had dreamt of or if they have lived up to their parent’s expectations.

So what happens ultimately?


Every student who has studied to the peak of his ability willingly or in pressure and get marks. Some lucky ones get high, some average, some low.
Then the whole world classifies them into ‘toppers’,’ the not so toppers’ (also average) and the poorly.
The toppers knew they will be toppers. The poor already knew they would have to settle somewhere.My personal sympathies is with the average kind,’ the not so toppers’. They try to aim high, not to settle for anything less but are still stuck between the other two kinds.The toppers go to elite colleges, the so-called average kinds finally take their best available option and the rest find a place somewhere to chill.


Parents publically announce.”Mera beta toh IITian banega” or “Meri beti toh xyz college mein jayegi” and yet again the classification continue where students are categorized on the basis of ranks or cut off marks. They think that maybe that one mark could have changed their destiny.

In the midst of all these competitive exams and results, we forget that an 18 year old who should be selecting toppings over his pizza is asked to make life changing decisions and stay on it whatever may happen or else he is doomed for life.

My question is: How can we measure one’s capability on the basis of a three hour exam? Do we have to live only for what happens in that three hour exam? Can those three hour exams be so effective to change the course of a life? Is it right for students to let these exams rule over their happiness?
Marks should not be the basis of anyone’s capabilities.A thought we all need to ponder upon and work towards bringing about a change in this education system.
By Pankhuri Verma for DU Times
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