Shopping Then and Now: Five Ways in Which Retail has Changed

Online shopping can become an essential method of shopping by the tech savvy people. Whether a person wants to buy a product or obtain a desirable service, he or she no longer needs to visit the mall or shops to shop. Sitting at the comfort of the home, one can buy anything and everything he or she wants with the click of a button. Intelligent and innovative retailers are switching over to this new reality digitally to widen their storefronts.


Shoppers gain adequate knowledge as the sales people

Then: Trained sales person would be the ones people relied on when they physically came into the stores. Due to lack of adequate knowledge, people went up to the salesperson to understand what would be the best for them.

Now: With online shopping coming into the scene, people can do their own research and get maximum benefits by spending a couple of bucks. Smart retailers understand the behaviour of online customers by bridging the gap between the online customers and the offline retailers.

Retailers can provide personal and relevant suggestions

Then: Offline retailers would welcome a customer, learn about their needs and preferences and suggest them personally.

Now: In a digital world, the only difference is a device that understands what really the customers want. The custom search option has been made to personally take care of the online customers. The quick customer service allows retailers to build a trust seal while the customers buy their products going by the relevant suggestions given on the site. With Babyoye coupons, you can look for top deals on products that you would want to purchase.

Mobiles drive foot traffic to shops

Then: Finding the exact store and the exact product majorly depended on either familiarity or luck.

Now: One can view and like selected products and may opt to find the correct store nearby too. Retailers are providing adequate information such as contact details, map location, timings and offers online that can drag foot traffic to the shops via the mobile network. The mobile can now work as a map, a shopping list, a product finder or a salesperson.

Opinions from dear ones matters

Then: A word of mouth from your dear ones led to purchase of a brand new product into a must-own product. This gradually turned the small shops into big retail shops.

Now: With social networking sites like G+ and Facebook, people can now share the product with their family members and friends and get suitable opinions on the products. Sometimes reviews from rest of the world can also make it easy for the customers to purchase a particular product.

Understanding the product

Then: Unlike physically holding a product on a store shelf, there was no opportunity to understand feel of holding or inspecting the product. Internet was all about research back then.

Now: Besides researching, retailers have now come up with various ways to impress a customer by bringing the products alive through 360 degree views, interactive videos or gesture controls.

Retails business has come a long way in terms of digitally satisfying a customer by providing desirable products exactly the way one wants. With the popping up of several online sites, one can get the best deal for themselves by using up the Nearbuy coupons. It is all about how the retail industry has come so far and how they adapt the customer needs in successfully creating a mark in this competitive market.