Collaboration with Hackeam 2.0 NSUT as a Media Sponsor

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AvatarArnav asked 1 year ago

NSUT(formerly NSIT) presents to you Delhi’s biggest hackathon which aims to sensitize students and professionals about the existing problems of the underprivileged, lesser developed, healthcare and the educational sectors of the society. HACKEAM 2.0 provides a platform to students and professionals all over the country to put their skills to test and develop a product that will cater to the needs of the poor and bring about an effective change in the society.
How are We Different:
HACKEAM 2.0 is nothing like any other hackathon. It aims to help develop products that can be used by all. Students and professionals can proactively develop and showcase technological solutions for the challenges they feel need attention in the various sectors mentioned. These products can ultimately be further promoted on the world stage and their further development will help to touch lives in each and every corner of this world and support them in any way possible.
Benefits :
Being the media sponsor of HACKEAM 2.0 comes with its own benefits. The expected footfall in the final stage is about 500. You will be given live feedback about all the products developed during the hackathon. HACKEAM 2.0 attracts some of the sharpest minds in the country. This gives you unprecedented access to talent around and can even help in recruitment for the brand.
Apart from this the sponsors will get other benefits like logos on banners, keynote speech at the event, massively helping in brand recognition.
Sponsors can even give their own prizes for brand promotion!