DU has a variety of colleges and these colleges come with their own pros and cons. Some colleges have good departments of certain subjects and bad in some of the subjects, plus availability of good faculty, environment and extra-curricular activities, location, infra etc are few of the things you would find varying greatly in various DU Colleges. Every student wants to go to top and most sought after colleges but population overrules our dreams and many of us end up in colleges which we did not prefer at the first place. If you are one of such student who wish if you could get into your dream college even after getting into an average college and that too without wasting a year of your studies, DU has the provision of migration for such students.

You must also remember that according to the provisions it is stated that migration is not a right, It is only a permissive facility and not an obligatory one. It all depends upon both incoming and outgoing Colleges concerned; therefore, the policy of Reservation in Migration for both Inter-College & Inter-University is not applicable. Therefore it is necessary to keep in mind that migration is not an easy task to do. Apart from this when you wish to migrate come up with a strong reason of migrating, this would make your case strong. Take advises from your teachers and college staff.

College Migration in Delhi University:

Migration from one College to another College for same course of University of Delhi Candidates who seek Inter-College Migration is allowed only in B.A & B.Com, B.A. (H), B.Com(H), B.Sc.(H) courses in the  beginning of 3rd Semester of the IInd Year under the Semester mode.


Candidates shall pass in both the semester (Ist & IInd Semester) of Ist Year of degree course under semester mode.


Contact- Candidates have to contact the office of the Principal of the concerned College where he/she wants to migrate to obtain the No Objection Certificate first.
Timings- Office Timings.

Documents Required:-

  1. No Objection Certificate is required from the Principal / Head of the College where a Candidate is presently studying as well as from the Principal of the concerned College where he / she wants to migrate.
  2. Leaving Certificate from the Principal/ Head of the concerned College.
  3. Mark sheets of the Examinations already passed.

General Rules Related To Migration:

  1. Candidates are not allowed from a regular College to School of Open Learning (SOL) or Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) since regular Colleges in University of Delhi are under Semester scheme, whereas, School of Open Learning (SOL) as well as Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) are under Annual scheme.
  2. No Migration is allowed from one College to another College for a different course.
  3. No Migration is allowed in the 5th Semester or 3rd Year of the course.
  4. No Migration shall be allowed at the Post-Graduate level.
  5.  Applications for Migration from one College of the University to another shall be only entertained by the Principal of the College from which migration is sought, and the necessary alteration in the enrollment entries shall only be made in the University Registrar by the Registrar after obtaining the consent in writing from both Principals.
Note: All the Information, Dates & Timings are subject to change on the basis of Notification of University of Delhi.