ENACTUS – Sri Aurobindo College (Eve.)


“There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life”. Inspired by this, we ENACTUS Sri Aurobindo College (Eve.)  proudly present “PROJECT ANNAPURNA’

‘PROJECT ANNAPURNA’ is an entrepreneurial model which will provide employment to underprivileged women from South Delhi by setting up a link between these women and students staying away from home. These women will provide Quality food (Tiffin Service) to the students staying away from home.

Recently we conducted a survey regarding “Problem Faced By Students Staying Away From Home ” in our college. And we found that the most common problem faced by the students is of ‘Food’. Some of them are disappointed with the quality and some thought  that prices were high. So we will provide affordable and good quality tiffin services to the students of various colleges and coaching institutions, staying away from home.

We will also facilitate and provide advisory related to Cost Cutting, Market Research and better Marketing Techniques  to those women. We students will work as management consultants for them.



  • Empowerment of Women- Empowering women by making them self sufficient and independent.
  • Providing low cost (customised) Affordable and Quality tiffin service in the market.


  1. Social Impact:- It will help these women to be self-reliant adding a new meaning to their lives and will soon make them women of great stature. It also provides leverage to women as they work according to their convenience along with this, college students who are staying away from their home will get quality food at affordable price.

  2. Economic Impact: Tiffin service provided by us will be of comparatively lower price thanthat of existing in the market, thereby expanding their reach and the revenue generated will serve as a fixed income for these women

The Entrepreneurial effort  of these women will help to enhance their economic status and add to the family income. It will also help them learn the latest procurement and marketing techniques using virtual technology. All this will translate into economic empowerment for these underprivileged women.

For more information about our project visit our website https://enactussace.org/