Communique’2K15: Annual Fest of Department of Commerce, Dayal Singh College

Communique is the Annual fest of The Department of Commerce of Dyal Singh college (M). One of the major happenings at Delhi University with numerous entertaining, enthralling and eye-opening events. Communique has undoubtedly made the history in the arena of Delhi University fests with maximum participation of other colleges across Delhi & NCR. Also known for the stalls put up by students and teachers. The main food partners being Gulab, Cocoberry and Domino’s.  Media partners being University Express, Du360, DuKhabar, Campus Hub and AIESEC in Delhi IIT. Also stalls put up by Dips Academy, LensKart and many more.

Mr. Vijay Goel with other guests
Students Performing




The fest was inaugurated by the chief guest Mr. Vijay Goel. On the first day(12th February),  approximately a turnout of 5K students was noticed, participating in events like Business Quiz, Business Tambola, Face-painting and scavenger hunt. Second day(13th February) awaits more stirring events like Dilemma, Admad, Cartoon Kona, Split Personality (The flip debate)  And the major KATHPUTLI COLONY show, with performers from India’s got Talent, Satyamev Jayate and Indian Idol. Experience the real talent by joining us for the fest. “We are not just organising a fest. We are giving it a new definition” Connect. Collaborate. Conquer. With Communique’2K15.