Societies, internals, assignments, deadlines, peer pressure and a lot more are responsible for succumbing tremendous pressure on a College student’s mind. But worry not, here are some ways you can adopt to keep yourself mentally fit. 


  1. Be punctual


Not being punctual in meeting deadlines and completing the work the night before the deadline is a major reason for pressure on mind. Avoid that by being on time always. 


2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle


Even if you are a college student now, your body still requires a healthy diet and sound sleep. Make sure to keep a check on it always. 


3. Reward yourself 


Make sure that you appreciate yourself for even a small achievement you make. It will bring positivity in you and will drive you to work harder. 


4. Have a supportive friend circle


Being surrounded with good and supportive friends in college can help you sail through everything very smoothly. Make sure to run away from friends who try to pull you down. 


5. Try the Campus Counsellors


Many colleges these days have the trend  to have campus counsellors. You can get in touch with them to share your thoughts and feelings which cannot be shared with anyone else.